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Jan 23, 2018 · 5 min read

b r oa d w a y b o t an i s t

Hello Beautiful Humans!

I’m Jaime Verazin, a dancer (Broadway), risk-taker (Extreme Partnering), storyteller (Choreographer), and gardener (founder of Broadway Botanist). I help people bring nature, beauty, and breath into their dressing rooms and homes.

Does this sound familiar?

  • “I love being around plants and flowers but I don’t have a green thumb at ALL. All my plants die!”
  • “My plants don’t survive because my apartment doesn’t get sunlight.”
  • “I feel so relaxed every time I walk into a home or spa full of life.”

You’ve landed in the right place! I’m here to cater to your dreams and wishes of being surrounded by green. Let’s explore why it’s important!

Nature = Nurture

Whether or not you’ve experienced gardening, most of us can agree that exposure to nature changes our pace and our physical health. Our shoulders quite literally drop when staring at the ocean or breathing in the woods… And there is always one common thread — breath. We inhale and exhale more fully when in nature.

In theater, heck in all of the Arts, that Breath is SO important to what we do as performers. Breathing is communicating. It keeps us healthy, and it gives us a vulnerability that fuels our art.

Intuitively, we all know that nature nurtures us. So why not keep a sense of that with you in your dusty, dim, demanding space?

Botany meets Broadway

Let’s be honest. Broadway theaters are old, dusty buildings. The air is hard to breathe at times, especially when you spend most of your waking hours there doing physically demanding work. When one person gets sick it tends to spread instantly. Sadly, those theaters simply haven’t been given the care they deserve yet.

While in Finding Neverland and Bandstand on Broadway, I developed asthmatic symptoms and extreme allergies… from my environment. My solution was to take the one space in the theater that I could call my own, and surround myself with:

  1. Beauty
  2. Clean air
  3. Calm

So I started introducing plants and flowers on a daily basis- not only as a beautiful design element, but also to help keep the air clean, and spark a bit of joy.

Almost immediately, various cast-mates would end up coming by just to take a deep breath and experience the beauty of the room. Their senses would reboot and they would often share in a hot drink (always had a coffee/tea station!) and a little conversation too. It truly became a second home… And a place of rest.

The cast and crew couldn’t believe that such beautiful plants were surviving with minimal sunlight and care. They began to reveal how none of their plants survived at home and how intimidated they were to buy new plants for fear of killing them. Sound familiar?

Without hesitation, I started teaching them what kinds of plants and flowers were more resilient to the conditions of their space, and even how to make new plants from cuttings of the original. It wasn’t long before plants started popping up in all of the dressing rooms. ;)

This inspired me to start making little plant babies as gifts to help get people started. The plant pots were up-cycled, completely unique, and specifically designed to match the recipients personal flair. After all, no two plants or people are ever alike!

The Discovery

Nature. Is. Transformative. And we share a common thread…Breath.

At Bandstand and Neverland, when something out of our comfort zone was happening at work, we started taking deep breaths together in the plant filled dressing room. It became the room of long discussions and helping each other with big decisions. Before we knew it, a sense of community developed instead of stressing in our own bubbles of worry.

That eventually led to taking deep breaths with our partners in the show before going onstage. We, as a cast, nurtured a shared experience which gave us a vulnerability that the viewer became more interested in. Experiences became fuller and communication thrived.

And so this introduction of plants in an unlikely place, trickled down to everyone breathing in unity together to create the most beautiful show night after night. Being onstage became the second place in the building where we could all breathe freely! And what helped create that amazing environment for us? Plants ;)

Plants adapt just as we must, and they quietly help us in ways we don’t even realize. They remind us that we can’t do it all alone and that community and relationships are what keep us going.

They, in return, need some TLC just as we do. But it’s really not that difficult… and that is what everyone began to realize.

Being a plant owner teaches us how to listen and how to nurture. And… well…… how to grow. ;)

You Can Too

Your space is your haven. Whether at work or at home, it’s absolutely worth any amount of labor and love even if you don’t own it.


  • Walking into your apartment or dressing room and feeling like you’re in a spa or retreat.
  • Breathing cleaner air in your environments
  • Passing a florist and buying a new plant with no worries about how to take care of it.

I’m here to help guide you! Bringing nature and green IN will transform your space, your attitude, and your way of life.

When you’re surrounded by nature you’re excited to get out into the world and take control of your day. Experience new things. See your surroundings differently.

Ready to be a nature ninja?

Help me spread some more seeds by sharing this blog and following me below! I am also on Instagram @broadwaybotanist and will happily answer messages there or on the blog! Let’s plant!

Broadway Botanist

Written by

Plant Whisperer, Nature Ninja, Green Designer.

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