I grew up in El Paso, Texas and attended Coronado High School. While in high school I participated in basketball, football, cross-country, and varsity soccer and varsity track and field. After graduating from high school in just three years, I attended Regis University on a track scholarship and an offer to play soccer. I chose this university, because I loved the Jesuit mission of contributing time and energy to the community. While at Regis, I majored in finance and minored in economics, because I enjoyed learning about global markets and investment strategies. Part of this enjoyment came from participating on a mock stock market team in my finance class that held the strongest investment portfolio for a year.

Soon after graduation, I attended The University of Denver Sturm College of Law set on becoming a district attorney. While in law school, I earned an academic scholarship, a position on an international commercial arbitration trial team, and a prestigious county court internship. Upon graduation from law school, I applied for a job with the Federal Bureau of Investigation as a special agent. After passing the FBI’s written exam, I was told during a screening interview that I needed four to five years of professional work experience.

As a result, I chose to gain this experience with the United States Army. I became a field artillery officer, because I wanted to lead soldiers, diversify my experience, and I enjoyed the quantitative challenges of the field artillery. Through my experience in the Army I developed myself as a manager and problem solver, distinguishing myself as a successful and reliable platoon leader during Operation Enduring Freedom. My platoon accomplished hundreds of missions and was engaged by a number of explosive attacks as well as small arms fire during our deployment. With the support of my non-commissioned officers, we brought our entire platoon home safely and protected Afghan villagers within our area of operation.

After experiencing combat, I decided that I no longer wished to join the FBI and preferred a career in corporate America. My goal was to earn a developmental position and ultimately work hard to become a leader within a company. After searching for the strongest path to enter corporate America, I found Alliance Military Career Transition Service. Alliance interviews officers from all military services and only selects the top 300 candidates per year to provide them with the opportunity to work for top tier companies in corporate America. These candidates will then participate in 3 to 4 interviews with key leaders from Alliance with the goal of finding value-based individuals with the best performance. After extensive training provided by Alliance, I was able to interview with eight strong companies. I ultimately chose Belmark, Inc. because it had the strongest culture, history, and future aspirations.

My ultimate goal is to serve my customers, my community, and grow as a leader within my company. I am dedicated to the success of others around me, and I look forward to making a positive difference in St. Louis, Mo.

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