The Kids are Socialists Because Capitalism is Dickslapping the Planet
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Capitalism depends on a sound money foundation, without it, you will have rampant spending to try and stay ahead of inflation. Now that we have cryptocurrencies to store your wealth, consumption will be greatly reduced. I think that we will start to see some real capitalism very soon.

As for socialism, you can move North Korea or Venezuela if that is what you want. In North Korea, everyone is guaranteed a job whether you want it or not. And in Venezuela, socialism has so completely destroyed capitalism that you can’t even make a profit selling toilet paper anymore. At least you can use the worthless fiat currency to wipe your ass, but then that plugs up the sewers.

The primary tool of socialism to undermine capitalism has always been fiat inflation. The first symptom is rampant consumerism. If you go to the socialist country of the USA you can really see that there. It still has healthy pockets of capitalism that feed the consumerism.

Other early symptoms of inflation are myriad amounts of paperwork, check out their medical system for that. I spent 7 days in the hospital in Uganda once when I contracted tropical hemorrhagic fever, it cost me about $125. When I returned to the USA, they threw in the hospital (with quarantine) for 3 days before the doctors cleared me. This was just an examination. The hospital tried to bill me $80,000 for this. I refused to pay of course, since I never consented to medical care by them, but the incident made me realize how broken the medical system is there.

Even getting antibiotics in the USA requires a $100 doctor visit. In Kenya or Philippines, I can just go down to the pharmacist and buy them for about $5. This inability to buy antibiotics without permission in the USA is a result of a nanny form of control that comes with socialism. Socialism doesn’t want people to make their own decisions. People that make their own decisions gain maturity and learn to be responsible adults. This is bad for socialism because responsible adults can take care of themselves. And responsible adults are hard to control.

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