Time to invest, again and always

I love open data!

Today, I want to offer a pitch: invest in open data because it makes government technology better. Better gov tech means better services to people, which means better lives.

Worth thinking about, eh? Today I’ll focus on open data for artificial intelligence.

Context: the robots are here

In the digital age, algorithms are more common than ever. Algorithms and new ways of analysing data offer opportunities for great digital services and insights. But some algorithms also create risks.

Cute greet cartoon robot
Cute greet cartoon robot
Automation is increasingly common… and that can be a good thing!

Open data can help address some of the risks that come with algorithms. It can make the algorithms more effective and ethical. …

We drafted digital principles and we’re looking for feedback by January 31.

Technology has changed the world, and it’s changing government too. Digital government is about using modern tools and technology to deliver great government services.

Here in the Government of BC, we’re developing principles to help guide our work on digital government. We would love your feedback!

Why we are drafting digital principles

We are creating digital principles to help shape how we manage government information, technology, programs and services in the Internet age. …

Technology is making it easier for governments to serve citizens.

When we talk about using modern technology in the public sector to serve citizens, we often call it digital government. For me and many others who work in this space, digital government is about using modern tools and practices to deliver great services that are deserving of citizens’ trust.

I have seen many different governments try to embrace digital government, to varying degrees of success. …


Jaimie Boyd

Chief Digital Officer for the Government of British Columbia

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