Are You Really Pro-Life?
Traci Schmidley

“It’s the simple things, like how about we help some children in front of us pick up some spilled blueberries? How about we help a mom who has her hands full put some grocery bags into the buggy? How about we use our words to tell moms “Hang in there! You’re doing the best you can, we all see that.” Let us spread grace, understanding, empathy, and compassion to the families we encounter around us”

Amen! I loved this piece so much — and I try to help out moms whenever I encounter a situation such as yours in the store. I usually only have the chance to offer a kind word or two or a happy smile and a wave to a fussy tot, but it usually results in one or both of them cheering up! I think I remember a time or two where I saw money or a driver’s license fall from a mom’s/dad’s purse/pocket, and I happened to be right there so I quickly swooped down, picked it up, and called out to them and returned it safely.

You are a fantastic mother to all of your children! They sure are lucky to have you as their mom ❤

Thank you for writing this — you hit the nail on the head with this issue!


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