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What separates us from the smartest life forms on Earth? Our ability to dream and to build.

Every human being dreams of a better world, in which he or she is the master builder. For thousands of years, humans were forced to build someone else’s dream, whether by a ruler’s decree or their boss’s email memo.

For the first time, humans are armed with the tools, flexibility, and infrastructure to build and live as they please. From teenagers building their own multi-million dollar brands on Youtube to baby boomers turning their hobbies into full-fledged Etsy operations. Today, anyone anywhere can operate their own hustle, servicing customers around the world.

We are officially in a new age of “building”, in which we are all active participants. The days of us working 40 hours a week for one client or company are a thing of the past.

Initially, building our vision delivers an unexplainable high — as if one just took the red pill in the Matrix. However the high quickly wears off once the monotonous admin duties take shape — especially maintaining our financial books. Imagine Thomas Edison’s thrill when he finally had his breakthrough ‘Eureka’ moment and then his profound frustration when he had to go over all the expenses, invoices, and billings incurred while he was building. The financial part of life sucks. We even joke that those who work in the space, like accountants, have the most boring jobs in the world (no disrespect)!

Dealing with our financial admin sucks, especially when we have to do it ourselves. Most of us are under-qualified and too pre-occupied to manage our own books. Nevertheless, we begrudgingly spend hours in our spreadsheets and software, doomed to repeat this process month after month.

Enter Reconcile. We imagine a future in which this headache goes away completely.

What if we could all have a personal CPA in our pocket to answer our questions, advise us on business decisions, and do our work for us?

What if instead of dealing with a real accountant, whom we rarely interact with and still have to pay thousands of dollars, we could have the luxury of a smarter and more capable expert at our disposal any time of day at a fraction of the cost?

Every second spent on bookkeeping is time wasted towards building the next great breakthrough.

We want to remove the financial friction from our users’ lives so they can focus more time and energy on solving our biggest challenges — climate change, urban mobility, healthcare, sustainable agriculture.

We dream of a future in which millions of empowered Reconcile users build and live as they please without worrying about their finances because they have an expert handling it for them.

For more information on Reconcile, check us out here:

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26 y.o. former consultant turned serial entrepreneur. Currently founder & CEO of Reconcile

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