one of those days

when you are sitting alone and thinking

thinking about every bad day you had, every thing that has been wrong in your life and everything that is wrong at the moment. Pondering whats wrong within you. Why every good thing you try to do turns into something bad and then... then you start questioning your existence, you start doubting yourself and the worst part is you start believing that you are good for nothing.

People doubt you and question you because they don’t know you and your power. You are the only one who should believe in yourself. No matter how great you are people always find something to gossip about. It’s their work let them do. You do yours. Do what you want to no matter what others think. No work is stupid if it gives you pleasure.

Be good to yourself so that you can be good to others

Love and pamper yourself. Love people around you. So you dont feel the need for some one elses love.

If you will be happy... you will have the power to keep others happy