Lead bricks around my thoughts.

Never box your thoughts.

“I wonder how life would’ve been when there were dinosaurs flying up in the air, so gigantic that you felt so small. I will travel to the past someday and experience it for real.”

No you can’t said.

“Said who”

You think you are the only person in this world or in the entire existence of humans to have thought about it. Geniuses have pondered on this thought and worked hard, researched and concluded it can’t be done.

“But why this cannot be done?”

Because you cannot travel time.

“Says who?”

Researchers said you cannot because light can only be traveled at an absolute speed and nothing in this universe can breach that limit.

“Oh damn, I still don’t get it but I trust their research”

Another idea dropped in the trash.

This whole thought process is our education system. We begin studying a subject with possibilities and end with reasons and limitations. My years of educations are bricks of lead constructing around my thoughts. A cube so gradually constructed brick by brick that it becomes impossible to address its existence. My thoughts were radioactive when i was born and slowly a construction of a box started to begin the day I set foot into this education system.

The only reason we humans are ahead of other living creatures on this planet is probably because we can dream and imagine things that don’t really exist but are possibilities. Everything that we made was an idea in someone’s head and it sure would have seemed stupid and obscure when it was born in the mind. A little research on the idea and you know why its not there. But back in the old days they didn’t have the luxury of google. Probably that’s the reason why we have electricity today.

Sure the reasons of their non-existence are accurate but hey until 15th century we believed that earth was the center of the solar system, they had their reasons to believe that, surely scientific too.

There is a possibility that we might be wrong about a lot of things or may be they are too complex for us humans to ever comprehend. We wouldn’t know until we try . The point I am trying to make here is we must believe and inspire possibilities and to not let the wall surrounding our thoughts to limit our imagination.

Keep your brain radioactive.

Everything is impossible until someone does it.