It’s not Black or White… It’s Grey — My Final Views on Violence
Claudia Wong

Hey Claudia,

I agree, it’s crazy to stand back and re-evaluate the common nature of violence in media and culture. I think the whole debate on ‘ethics’ shouldn’t rest on majority opinion…considering Hitler was able to convince a LOT of people that murdering millions of people was totally cool. I have become a large advocate for the belief that non-violence and compassion are universally effective tactics for creating a better world. Humans needs to be more aware of how every action has consequences. North America can so easily destroy the lives of those in Iraq and Syria, without even having to take a glimpse at the brutal aftermath of bombing and fighting these countries. We are fundamentally disconnected with other places and people despite the fact that at the core, we are all humans and ARE connected by nature. Ethical, to me, is allowing for all life to exist peacefully. I don’t think this is achievable by perpetrating any type of violence!

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