Digital Transformation Checklist for High Performance Sales Process

Today’s consumer likes to research products online, check prices and make purchases with a single click.

In many cases, consumers don’t care to speak to a sales person.

Customers also expect a very personalized experience across all your customer touch points — be it your website, offline store, experience center, your partners, installation staff, customer service and support.

Following is a checklist that will help you implement a content and data driven digital transformation of your sales process in order to drive up the adoption of your products for your target market:

  • Does your website speak the language of your customer and has content to help the customers looking to find solutions to their specific problems? Or you just have a website that describes your products and their features?
  • Do you have a content publishing process and systems in place to regularly publish content on your website for each stage in your buying funnel or customer experience journey?
  • Are you tracking the visitors to your website, their geographic location, their browsing behavior — time spent on the website, content browsed on your website, demographic profile and interest areas, conversion rates?
  • Does your website provide your customers an option to interact with you on a real time chat in case they need to?
  • Does your website implement chat bots to guide customers in their buying journey and help you drive up conversions from your website?
  • Do you have a standardized process to provide the best response to the customer queries in the fastest way possible and a process to benchmark and improve on your response times?
  • Do you have a search available on your website to help customers effectively search for any related topic or problem areas they are seeking solution for?
  • Are all the customer behavior insights, queries/response available to your channel partners to make them understand the customer journey at a glance and customize their messaging based on previous interactions and experiences with the customer?
  • Do you have focused newsletters for every stage of your customer buying funnel, customer on-boarding, engagement on efficient use of purchased products?
  • Have you created customer referral campaigns and communicate the same to your customers on a regular basis?
  • Do you do sentiment analysis on social media and have a response mechanism and process in place to respond to references to the company and brands on social platforms?
  • Do you have a process in place to capture customer testimonials regularly and publish the same on multiple channels (your website, social media pages) efficiently?
  • Do you track the customer growth and channel performance for each of your marketing and sales channels including your website?
  • Do you have mechanisms to capture leads in trade shows/exhibitions you participate in and initiate customer journeys for your leads and send communication/messaging based on their buying journeys?

These questions will help you uncover gaps in your sales and marketing process and enable you to plan for enhancing the experience of your end consumers and driving up your conversion and adoption rates in your target market.

Would love to understand your views on the above and your experience in transforming your sales processes to make the process engaging for your target customer segments.