Submissive ANJALI LAMA — The transgender model at fashion buzz!

Ever since 1965, we considered transgenders as the black marketeers or the wrongdoer of the the society. We considered it below our tradition to dutilize such people and had always shown impudence to them!

But now in the 21st century, the things have surrogated and refined!

ANJALI LAMA the first transgender model from Nepal has amazed us with her thriving beauty.

Anjali Lama was born as a transgender baby in the farmer family of Nepal. She was shown disgrace by the the society and was never involved into social realms. She was bullied growing up in rural Nepal. She said that she was brought up by Blue diamond society in Nepal which helped her to overcome her tough childhood.

Today, she has proved wrong to the thought and has brought about the positive bloomingness in the society with her wave in the fashioning field.

After so many struggling years she has raised her interest in the fashion buzz. And now she is among the top models of the world.

She has also been selected as a model for the new upcoming lakeme Fashion Week which is the largest fashioning platform in the country going to be held at Mumbai.

She says that Indian film industry has largely supported her. She says Indians are broad minded people with exception of fewer elements in the society.

She has made the considerable progress in her life with her printings in the various magazine’s front page, various fashion shows and ramp walks, striving success in her passionate field of fashioning.

She has thus given a blow to the society by building up the positive attitude and has inspired the many by saying “ never sacrifice who you are just because someone has a problem with it. ”

Thank you.

— Ayushi jain