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Starting a Startup isn't an easy task 90% startup fails while starting and 90% of remaining 10% fail in the next two to three months it may seem to be a glamorous thing but the root reality is that the founders have to struggle and gain the knowledge of every task that is done in the organization. Since they are working on a new concept or Technology it also becomes sometimes hard to explain what the thing is and how it works.

Moreover, the founders face a lot of problems in the starting journey from building their team to Getting their funds raised. There is much organization scattered over the net which may provide a startup with the solution the startup may or may not be able to avail those due to high pricing and lack of panel of experts.

Founders spend a lot of money over the net searching for different kinds of solutions available for them which later becomes a problem to the organizations since they face a cash crunch at a later stage.

Also so there are many fake organizations established which target startups and later deny the services or do not provide Quality Services also act as a barrier in startup growth.

After facing the same problems and researching over them few individuals decided to solve them and provide startups with all the solutions under a single platform named StartedUp.

StartedUp is a platform, which focuses on providing a solution for every startup problem ranging from team building to fundraising, company formation, and many more. Founders can get all the solutions under a single platform

Startedup helps founders not only to connect with investors but also to establish their startup by building their company, their idea along with them, and helping them to get their desired team passionate for working towards a goal. Startedup verified profiles from which the founders can choose their team members.

Even if anyone wants to be a member of a Startup or likes to work with a Startup can also apply over Startedup so that he or she can get connected with authentic startups.

Does it cost to find a team?
StartedUp provides the platform for absolutely no cost to help startups to get their desired team build and individuals to get connected with startups and work with them. Every profile is verified and insured that you are connected with authentic people who can help you to grow your startup.

How much funding we can raise through StartedUp?
Startedup has collaborated with many investors and through startup, you can raise funding up to 16 million dollars. The investors are also featured on YourStory and include accelerator and incubation centers. You can raise every type of funding either it's pre-seed, seed or series.
Investors include Angel investors individual investors VC firms and many more.

Does it also provide mentorship?
Startup you can also get connected with a lot of mentors who can help you throughout your startup journey. Mentors have great experience in the startup ecosystem and have guided many startups and founders in their journey.

  1. Are there any startups to whom StartedUp has served?
    There are many startups for whom startedup has prepared their pitch decks and help them to get connected with investors and mentors you can also view them over their official website

The Core feature of the platform that is it is affordable by every founder and even authentic so it becomes easier for founders to start their entrepreneurial journey and see their ideas getting established.

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