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Jain Steels Corporations is a Duplex UNS S31803 tubes manufacturer, supplier, trader and exporter over decades. We offer best price in the market and supply certified products from our company. We keep prime and genuine material with related test certified tubes available in all sizes in grade UNS S31803 duplex alloy. The grade UNS S31803 alloy has high density and high specific heat capacity. Thus; it proves to show high tensile strength and ductility than any other grade tubing. It shows excellent hardening and resistance to corrosion. Due to its perfect chemical composition of elements and compounds it displays fine mechanical and chemical properties. We are sure about the productivity of our products they are efficient and quality commodities.

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We have exported our material to numerous countries in the world including but not limited to Italy, Nigeria, UK, Serbia, Turkey, Indonesia, Venezuela, Iran, Jordan, Netherlands, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, Angola, Kuwait, Oman, USA, South Africa, Kuwait, New Zealand, Mexico, UAE, Poland, Denmark, Australia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Madagascar, Iraq, Germany, Yemen, Peru, Qatar, Bahrain, Srilanka, Canada.

Originally published at jainsteel.com.

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