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Hastelloy B2 is one of the most resistive alloy, it is highly resistive to all conditions where other Alloys can’t sustain.

Hastelloy show excellent resistance to corrosion cracking and pitting. It is widely used in environment with harsh chemicals like sulfuric acid and acetic acid.

Butt-welds made of Hastelloy are resistive to knife-line and heat affected zone. They can be used in as-weld condition.

Hastelloy B2 works very well in any temperature and are also full of strength.

Jain Steels Corporation provides a best quality of Hastelloy in the form of pipe fittings, butt-welds and flanges and many more. It is also a huge supplier and exporter of Hastelloy B2.

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We have exported our material to numerous countries in the world including but not limited to UK, Spain, Indonesia, Kuwait, Australia, Iraq, Germany, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Italy, Mexico, Poland, Jordan, Canada, Qatar, Yemen, Malaysia, Lebanon, Egypt, Srilanka, Angola, Brazil, Oman, South Africa, Singapore, Venezuela, Madagascar, USA, Kuwait, Serbia, UAE, Iran, Peru, Turkey, Bahrain, Denmark, Nigeria.

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