3 Things That Make Your Microsite More Effective

Microsites are a prevalent means to promote a business or brand by focusing on a smaller idea, product or marketing campaign rather than investing all the effort and time in broad-scale strategy or concept.

While more and more marketers seem to embrace the idea of a microsite, few succeed to pull it off the right way.

Therefore, it is necessary to know the basics of microsite sites development and the characteristics that drive the success of a microsite.

Do you really need to create a microsite?

If you are looking to spread a word about a specific campaign, highlight a newly launched product or service or engage more prospects and customers, then yes you need one.

· A microsite limited navigational options unlike the original brand website, which allows users to focus on a specific goal or concept.

· Since a microsite operates separately from your business website, it increases the chances of reaching new prospects and generating more leads by leveraging different forms of marketing.

What accounts for the effectivity of a microsite?

An Appropriate Concept

Without a focused topic to promote, there’s no point in creating a microsite.

A microsite is only created to provide in-depth information about a subject that the target audiences are interested in or should be aware of. So to make sure customers not only connect with the content but benefit from the information provided, it is important to stay focused.

Sticking to a direct and relevant topic will allow you to prevent confusion and covey the required message effectively thus encouraging customer actions and interactions.

Comprehensive Information

If a user clicks the link to your microsite, they are likely interested in knowing more about the related subject.

Whether you want to bring attention to a particular product or sway customers into making a purchase, create a call to action or launch a marketing campaign, define the goal you want to achieve through your microsite from the get go.

Once you have a defined purpose, it would be easy to produce precise and useful information which clearly conveys the intended message to the users.

The Visual Appeal, Of Course

A microsite being separate from the official website provides more room for creativity and aesthetics. It offers great opportunities to present your brand in a different yet positive limelight.

By creating an appealing, user-friendly design you can encourage the users to interact and take the intended action. In addition, easy navigation also contributes to a seamless user experience which in turn affects conversions rates and sales.

The Takeaways

When it comes to microsite development, there are endless possibilities, from web design to informative content, to encourage customer engagement and drive conversions.

However, in order to ensure the success of your microsite, it is important to:

· Identify the audience you wish target through your microsite.

· Define a specific topic or subject to focus.

· Include relevant comprehensive quality content on your microsite

Leverage your design skills to create an eye-catchy design with easy navigation that makes for an hassle-free user experience.