Excerpt from the diary of a single child

I am a single child. I didn't share my mother's womb with anyone. Henceforth, I am spared of annoyance in everyday life. Say people. Big bunch of liars. Those people.

True, you get every "triangle" of Toblerone for yourself. Every last morsel of the beloved Domino's double cheese pizza to ease your appetite. And, to make it more sentimental, all your parents' love and adoration is directed towards you and you only. Yes! No sharing of anything. Material or not.

Friend with sibling: Goes for shopping/ football with sibling if bored.

Single child: Watches TV/ reads a book/ listens to music if bored.

See the difference? SEE!

Couch potatoes are mostly single children. And they remain so. Mostly because they even have the whole couch to themselves. (No sharing of material things remember?)

One may argue that cousins/ friends exist as well. Yes, that's the word. They "exist." They won't be there if you suddenly get high at three at night or suddenly wake up at 6 in the morning and wish to go for a quick jog. Siblings, on the other hand, are like the socks for your shoes, ink of your fountain-pen or the momo chutney with your momos. Always there. Without fail. With consent.

The sibling fights! They may be leaving you with a black eye, bruised leg and a hurt ego, but they are as crazy as one could imagine. That feeling of accomplishment when you successfully perturb your sibling is bliss. And these fights have a lot more importance in later life. They teach you how to handle difficult people, lie with full confidence and pretend to be everything that you aren't.

The sibling love! Unrequited it is, say people. Farce it is, says the society. But the reality is a sharp contrast. You can never love anyone to the same extent. You are closer to them than you are to your parents. You understand them better than any other homo sapien. You enjoy their company more than your best-friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/any friend. Whatever you may show the outside world i.e the abhorrence and nastiness, on the inside, you have nothing but oodles of love for your beloved sibling.

Your sibling will always have your back. "People come and go. The best will stay." These "best" are no one apart from your siblings. It's like there is an invisible and invincible thread linking you both whose importance is only realised at the time of need.

So, all of those out there blessed with sibling(s)- count your lucky stars. You don't know how privileged you are. You may curse them, rejoice in their absence, criticise them or diss them, but, remember, never make the mistake of taking them for granted. They are special and not everyone gets to have one.

PS:- Do keep envying us, single children, though. It makes us feel better nonetheless.

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