You want the best but have you done enough?

Everyone of us wants the best for ourselves. Be it a job, salary, girl or a guy. And, that is how it should be. We all deserve the best.

But then why don’t we always get the best?

I was wondering about this. Then, I reflected upon my past and tried to figure out when did I get what I wanted and not. I did get the answer.

And I did not find it to be destiny. It was about how prepared I was.

I choose to write this as I often observe people expecting things not in accordance with the effort put-in, leading to disappointment.

I tried to understand this with an example.

Imagine two guys looking for a date with the most charming girl in the neighborhood.

Now, one guy invests time in reading news to have a meaningful conversation on current affairs. He invests time in solving complex problems to outsmart his competition. At work, he manages his time wisely and gets paid better. He invests time in boxing to be able to defend himself and his loved ones. He invests time in gym so clothes look good on him. He exchanges new and different ideas when meeting friends.

While the other guy spends time stalking on Facebook.

Which guy would the charming girl end up liking?

In my experience, we will get what we want once “expectation matches efforts”. And if I want the best, my efforts need to match it.

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