Quick and easy way to add all your team members to a new Slack channel

Channel Tools helps you to add all users in bulk to a Slack channel.
Channel Tools helps you to add all users in bulk to a Slack channel.
Invite All users to a Slack Channel using Channel Tools

If you have ever tried to create a new channel in Slack with all the users included in the team, you know how cumbersome it could get. When I searched for the problem initially, I came across four possible ways to do it.

Alternative Solutions

1. Do it manually

This is a good solution if there are fewer than 100 members in your Slack channel. Go to the #general channel (Slack adds all invited users to this channel by default). Enter /who, this gives a list of first 100 users in the channel.

There is a difference between famous and great

Shizukuinshi, a small Japanese laid-back town in the foothills of Iwate mountain

The day had come with a clear sky, the sun shining brightly on the mountain ranges in front. The previous day, we had only got a hint of them. Given that our house was centrally heated, it was difficult to gauge the weather outside. Without realizing this, I ambled towards the front courtyard but thrice the speed, I returned back. My clothing couldn’t sustain the piercing cold winds outside. Sun was just an illusion it seemed.

There is a difference between famous and great”, speaking about Onsens, Kohei had made a remark. And he was taking us to his favorite…

1 — Shri 420

Just like a zillion other places, we couldn’t see the Imperial Palace from the inside, why — because we loved it so much from the outside that before we could even think of going in, the doors were closed for the day.

There was no sunset that day, but we got a hint of the setting sun by a strange orange color that appeared in the sky just for a few moments. The city was covered under clouds, it had been like that for almost whole of the day, but without a drop of water.

As we proceeded to leave…

Night view with cherry blossoms at Chureito Pagoda

We were supposed to be southbound but in our hostel in Osaka, we met a few travelers who showed us some unbelievable pictures of seemingly white flowers. According to our understanding, cherry blossoms season was long past Tokyo, and Fuji is south of Tokyo. So, there was no chance of seeing Sakura there.

We were proved wrong. Given the height of Fuji region, the flowers over there blossom a bit late. So, we changed our direction from south to north. Isn’t that the point of a backpacking trip, when you have no itinerary? The very next day, we started by…

My first overseas pre-wedding shoot, that too of a Japanese couple!

Well, that’s what happens when you realize that you are not the only one who wants to shoot the monument during the blue hour. We reached Osaka palace well in time, and after roaming around a bit, decided to give the camera some rest here. The moment sun set on one side, lights of the palace were switched on and we had this wonderful view in front, waiting to be captured. Another photographer couple from Argentina was waiting for the same timing for even longer.

And then this and one more couple arrived for their pre-wedding shoot. Initially, I thought…

Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

Khajuraho is about 200 odd kilometers from Orchha. It was approximately one and a half hour since the passenger train had left Orchha junction. Prerita suddenly exclaimed, “Jai where is the gimbal?” I rushed back to check my bag and Prerita checked hers. It couldn’t be found.

“When was the last time I saw it”. In my Sherlock mode, I went inside my mind palace. I remembered Prerita had used it at the station for stabilizing her phone video. Where then? Oh, it was probably at the ticket window, where I had kept it after putting it into its bag…

Naddi village, with Dhauladhars forming the backdrop

Fresh out of the college, it was around the time when I had recently started working. Managing a website that received more than a…

Higher than everything around, Mt. Abu, Rajasthan

Prerita always complains, sitting on the pillion seat of our motorbike, “You have to look around! Why don’t you just look at the road?”. For at least one minute then, I would look in no other direction. I like to think of my bike as a flying eagle, which leisurely floats in the air. Even on a shiny black road, I don’t cruise it beyond 60km mark. I’m usually not in a hurry, I like to see things around. The child inside me doesn’t allow me to look just straight.

After miles of plains around, the Abu Mount is a…

An evening at Bir, Himachal Pradesh

A chalk pencil had visited this blackboard. Leaving marks wherever it walked. The letters it weaved shined through the dark surface. Morning sunlight polished it even further. Given that our belly was somewhat full, we could only read ‘Masala Chai’ out of the other options. We had come to this cafe after a friend’s recommendation.

The space between the tea garden and the cafe formed a gully to walk in. After taking a few turns, it led to a mountain home. We were curious who lived there. …

Crazy experience from the hinterland of Rajasthan

Gap Sagar Lake of Dungarpur

Dungarpur is a relatively small city in the southernmost part of Rajasthan. If you have already heard of Dungarpur, the chances are that you or your friend stays in Dungarpur, or you have a good sense of humour. It was either the fact that we had seen too many tourists in Udaipur, or Pragnya Bhabhi’s persuasion, that we decided to spend the next few days in this remote territory.

Jai Pandya

Traveller, Photographer, Occasional Biker, Startuper, Unstable. Here to tell stories from his travels, mostly photo-essays.

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