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Introducing Sublime Tutor

An interactive, in-editor, friendly tutor for Sublime Text 3

Jai Pandya
3 min readMay 10, 2016


Remember the good old days of Vim editor? While a flamewar between supporters of different editors is out of scope for this post, you need to give credit to Vim for the excellent tutorial package it shipped with it — vimtutor.

Cut to present — Sublime Text is one of the popular editors out there, it is so easy that you don’t even need to learn its features / shortcuts before starting to feel productive with it. My day was made when I first saw multiple cursors doing magical things in the beautiful world of sublime text.

I searched the internet to find something that could teach me Sublime Text’s ninja powers as vimtutor did earlier for Vim. Not then, but now that I know Sublime’s little secrets, I thought of taking the responsibility myself.

Introducing Sublime Tutor for Sublime Text 3

A screenshot from

Created as a Package Control plugin, once installed, the course can be started using pre-configured key combination Ctrl+Alt+K or via command palette. It comes with 6 different modules detailing commands related to editing, selection, navigation and finding what you need. All the chapters are supplemented with exercises and revision section.

Some screenshots from the course:

A superfast GIF taking you through the first unit
Left — Learning basic navigation, Right — Starting Sublime Tutor from help menu.
Multiple Cursors, Selection related commands and shortcuts
Navigating Through History and Find In Project

To download it from Package Control, do the following

  1. Install Package Control (instructions on the website)
  2. Once it is installed, press `Cmd+Shift+P` to bring command palette in front and type: `Package Control Install`. Search for `Sublime Tutor` package and select and install it once it appears.
  3. There is no step 3.

Give it a try and if you find an issue, please open an issue on Github for it. I’ll be happy to receive your feedback on this.


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Sublime Tutor got product hunted!



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