TLDR — We now offer hosted nodes as a standalone product for blockchain companies. Next on the roadmap is real-time alerts/monitoring followed by indexed queries

TokenAnalyst Infra Overview

There are significant technical challenges associated with delivering real-time on-chain data and analytics at scale. These may include:

  • Running your own distributed full-nodes (or use a 3rd party provider) for multiple blockchains
  • Provisioning atomic, fault-tolerant, extreme low-latency pipelines using RPC to pass data to/from those nodes
  • Building custom data extractors for each blockchain protocol which can ingest data from those pipelines
  • Transforming raw data into normalized schemas; transactions on ETH are different from transaction on…

It is my pleasure to announce that Reebo, the leading smart contract alerts and monitoring platform, is joining TokenAnalyst. Reebo has developed proprietary low-latency infrastructure that allows developers and Dapp teams to intelligently monitor their smart contracts and accounts for unusual behaviors, errors, and spikes in usage. It’s like New Relic or Sentry for your smart contract.

Jendrik Poloczek and Vincent Choi founded Reebo in Berlin. Jendrik, who is a Data Engineering specialist with 5 years of experience building distributed fault-tolerant systems, joins TokenAnalyst as Technical Lead. (See links for his talks and open source contributions).

Every single blockchain company…

(Worked on this with BitMEX Research & TokenData. As seen on BitMex Research Blog)

Abstract: Following on from our first piece on ICOs in September 2017, which focused on the team members and advisors, in this report we work with TokenAnalyst to track the Ethereum balances of the ICO projects over time. We look at the amount of Ethereum raised and the US$ value of the gains and losses caused by changes in the Ethereum price, for each project. We conclude that rather than suffering because of the recent fall in the value of Ethereum, at the macro level, the…

Interesting possibilities afforded by analyzing token sale data

A lot can be garnered from looking at historical and real-time data of token ecosystems. In this post, we dive into the historical data of 8 projects that conducted a public sale in 2017, followed by a broader look at token ownership today.

Data Issues

Well, just like most things in crypto, there is little transparency into what is actually going on, especially on the blockchain.

  • It’s hard to find the crowdsale wallet. Often, the current token wallet is different from the crowdsale wallet
  • The start and end dates of token sales is buried in the bowels of Telegram groups
  • Pre-sale data…

Jai Prasad

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