Collision course

First let’s get something out of the way: I am not high. Yeah, so

To the principal,



Subject. Wait. What. Yeah, that happens when you don’t usually write and you have a historic habit of starting with a format.

I am not going to get into any formats today. Formats limit us. Formats form boundaries. Boundaries are limits and if you ask Ms. Limits, “What’s your favorite song”, she’s like “come push me”. If you ask her “What’s your favorite dish”, she’s like “come push me”. Ms. Limits works at entrances of various stores with a sticker on her head saying “Push”, see I can spam you with shit jokes and you won’t nuke me, this world is so amazing.

Last night my friend drunk-dialed me and said “Don’t ever forget me bro”. I said “I won’t my man. Don’t worry about that”. He emphasized that line quite a lot and then I asked “Why would I forget you. We”ll always be in touch. There’s no way the friendship ends”. Then he said a line which had these set of words in it: Harsh realities of life. You get the point.

Okay great so let’s wait till harsh realities of life kick in like vodka in your blood and make you dance on it’s rhythms. Let’s wait till we all drift apart. Let’s get attached and cry later. Let’s be sad when someone loves us because they are going to go, right? Let’s kill our “unreal” dreams, because basically it’s just about food and safety, right? Accumulating the above effects, so let’s be sad, let the people we love go, be scared of love, let’s kill our dreams our passions, have food & safety and what’s next, yeah, Death!

Okay, I agree with you. Let’s just follow the above like we do.

Yeah! Bye

The text is over guys.

Signing out.

What the fuck, stop reading.

Yeah, I know. You feel something’s incomplete right. You feel the first wave of fresh air pouring in from somewhere outside in a otherwise dark and suffocating room, but you can’t identify the exact spot, you can almost just feel the unknown, cold air.

We got to break the walls. We don’t want a new escapism. We got to find a new reality. We need to act how we feel and we need to feel free. A new reality where we won’t let our dreams go, we won’t let time & circumstances play spoil sport with our relationships with everything. I don’t care about how it ends, I only care about how hard we can hit the walls, How can we not just mere push but break the limits, How can we destroy the formats we are caged in.

Let’s be on a collision course with reality. Let’s not be afraid of sorrow but be in love with our wishes. Let’s just destroy stupid concepts & amazing things will trace our collision course to us.

Rage against the dying of the light.

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