BMVSS’ Mobility Aids Enable Amputees to Live Their Lives Again

Bhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (BMVSS), a non-profit society founded by Devendra Raj Mehta, has been rehabilitating millions of people with physical disabilities by providing them with a wide range of solutions such as the popular Jaipur Foot (and other variations).

BMVSS works to assist patients in integrating back to society by also endowing them with mobility aids. These mobility aids support and let them overcome their movement restrictions.

Here’s what BMVSS offers:


BMVSS has partnered with MIT USA to develop a special, off-road type of wheelchair-cum-hand-pedalled tricycle that comes in handy for off-road, uneven terrains. This type of wheelchair has been developed for bilateral amputees and polio patients, and paraplegic patients. This chair can be easily pushed and handled by the patient himself.

Hand-pedalled tricycles

BMVSS provides hand-pedalled tricycles available to patients at no cost. Hand-pedalled tricycles are certified by the Indian Standard Institute (ISI) given to patients who have lost both their feet and lower limb mobility due to paraplegia and polio. This equipment will enable patient to independently move around and gain self-sustenance.


Crutches are devices that are useful in helping people move around. BMVSS’ offer crutches for people who had been in accidents. The crutches are ISI certified from the Bureau of Indian Standards of the Government of India.

Other aids

Other assistive aids can be fitted and customized based on the needs of its patients. Hearing aids and artificial hands (called the Jaipur hand) are also being supplied to patients.

Ultimately, BMVSS’ mobility aids can deliver continued rehabilitation and independence for people with physical challenges, whatever condition they are in. It’s important that these patients can move and get around, and by being fitted with these aids, they can go back to their lives again, fully and independently.

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