Why Women Love To Buy Designer Kurtis?

Jaipur Kurti
May 1 · 3 min read

Nothing can match the elegance and charm presented via ethnic wear. Even among the ethnic wears, kurti tops the list of favorites. Kurti is a very versatile outfit and most women love to wear it on casual as well as on formal occasions. If you want to wear something casual, you can choose regular kurti with less work or embroidery, or just plain fitted kurti with no work. Similarly, while dressing up for festivals or occasions, you can go for a heavy kurti with fancy work and embroidery rather than a conventional designer saree. The best thing about Kurtis is that they are available in a wide variety of styles, patterns, and colors.

The most fascinating fact about kurti is that it is not limited to a particular state or region. It is distinct from other ethnic dress forms which have a set identity. A kurti is a common form of attire loved and adored by women in all kinds of areas.

Kurti is undoubtedly an epitome of comfort with elegance. The super comfy appeal of kurti is loved by all women. The versatility of kurti makes it adaptable to any season or occasion. In scorching summers, it’s in everyone’s ‘to get and wear’ list, because of its effortless style and comfort level. Similarly, woolen kurtis are worn in winters.

Kurti is that piece of clothing which is not only worn by traditional women but also a favorite of modern working women. Kurtis comes in varieties and differs in form of front designs, cuts, and lengths. In regard to sleeves, it is available in both long sleeves kurtis and short sleeves kurtis. For casual occasions, the short sleeve kurtis are perfect while for festive events the long sleeved kurtis look great as it gives more room for design and styling in the cuff area. The sleeve pattern is also a deciding factor when choosing kurti on the basis of the ongoing season. Women mostly choose short sleeved kurtis in summer and prefer long sleeved during winters. When considering about prints, it becomes really subjective. Some women love to wear printed kurti while others prefer embroidery or embellishments over prints. As far as prints are concerned, it is chosen as per the weather. In hot months of summer, thinner fabrics with light prints are preferred while during winters you can wear kurti with thicker fabric and heavy work. In summers cotton fabric is favored by all while during other seasons, chiffon and georgette are worn.

When we speak about pairs and combinations, there are ample of choices available. Short kurtis pair well with leggings or jeans for a perfect casual look while the long kurti looks well in form of traditional salwar kameez. Kurti becomes an ideal ethnic combination when clubbed with churidar.

On closely observing the latest trends, you will notice a variation in terms of colors and styling. Fashion experts and fashion designers are delivering new trends. They are experimenting with collar designs, color schemes and more, creating a pretty dynamic scenario in the clothing industry. For example, neon has been quite trending nowadays. Therefore the designers are making regular kurtis more appealing by introducing it with neon colors. Now a lot of women can be seen wearing plain colored kurtis having neon necklines. Talking about the size, women who are having large body shape also don’t mind sporting a stylish kurti. There is an extensive range of extra large kurtis available online or at boutiques. In fact, buying a kurti online is much easier than buying it from a clothing retail store. Online shopping allows you to browse through a wide range of kurtis comfortably sitting at your home. If you too are a kurti connoiser or deal in women clothing business and prefer to shop online within the comfort of your home then you should check out the collection of gorgeous wholesale kurtis available at wholesalejaipurkurti online. Here, kurtis are available in bulk along with different colors, sizes cuts and patterns and can be combined with a great range of bottom wears including palazzos, pants, leggings, patiala and many more.

Jaipur Kurti

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India is known for its diversity the all over the globe. Ethnic clothing is just one of the things that distinguish one part of India from the other.

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