A Train Journey through Konkan Paradise!

Enroute Goa! Image Courtesy: Google

I have always been a fan of train journeys mainly because of the fact that the difference in landscape and geography can be progressively witnessed while travelling from one place to another . I am a big fan of Indian Railways and have almost covered every state in India (except the North East ) in a train. Among the many journeys that I have undertaken, the best one is the stretch through the Konkan Ghats.

The Konkan Stretch! Image Courtesy: Google

A rail journey through the scenic Konkan Railway is the Indian rail-fan’s ultimate dream. The Konkan Railway itself is an Engineering Marvel, a man-made feat that has set an example. The highlight of Konkan Railways is that it runs along the contouring path of the Western Ghats, featuring a total number of over 2000 bridges, a maze of 91 tunnels through mountaineous terrains, gorges ,viaducts, innumerable small rivers, seasonal streams and lush green meadows. It’s a single line Non Electric stretch covering a total distance of 760 kms from Mangalore to Mumbai including the temple towns of Udupi, Murudeshwer and the beautiful greenery stretches of Kumta, Gokarna and Goa.The average time taken to cover this stretch end to end is about 16–17 hours. Trust me! This 16–17 hours of journey is a royal feast for the eyes and is one of the most scenic railway routes in India.

The Konkan Kanya Express! Image Courtesy: Google

I have travelled through this stretch for more than 10 times. The first time I travelled through Konkan Railway was in 2004— from Cochin to Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT) on the 16345 Netravati Express. The best time to take the trip through Konkan is during monsoon from June to October.

“The rain, a hot cup of tea and the scenic beauty of western ghats in your view is a trip made in heaven!”

When you take a journey through this route, Keep your eyes peeled for waterfalls in the distance, which increase as the trees thin and the view turns to deep valleys and peaks.

“The Honking & Chugging of the Diesel Locomotive pulling the 21 coaches with all its might through the heavenly stretch is a sight to behold!”
Image Courtesy: Google

The best way to enjoy the scenery is to book a non AC train ticket from Mangalore to Panvel so that you can feel the cool breeze and the smell of the fresh air through the window. Don’t miss the yummy vada pav and samosas from Ratnagiri railway station. Every second of this journey is a memorable one.

Happy Travelling!