Police Brutality Among Us.

Police brutality goes deeper than just the dislike toward the man in the uniform, it goes back to when slavery was going on. It started when white men rode around on horses and wore white sheets burning a cross in the front of a person’s home. It started when white men and white women witness the lynching of a color person. The only difference between the 1800 and early 1900's from today is, color people has more say so. A innocent person of color can easily be found guilty because they either match a description or just being around a certain scene. It’s sad that the people we depend on the most to protect us is the one that we need protection from. It’s a shame that just because of a certain skin color we have to be beat almost or either to death.

The marching isn't for riots, the marching isn't for just exercising, the marching is for voicing pent-up anger at an old problem which is for police violence, often directed at black and brown people. Barack Obama, talked renewed rioting, saying, “Nothing of significance, nothing of benefit, results from destructive acts. Racism is real, Obama said, and he urged Americans to “mobilize,” “organize,” find the “best policies,” and “vote. There are specific and surprising reasons why the rage over Ferguson isn't going away. In the St. Louis suburb and across America, blacks and other people of color still face embedded racism and second-class treatment. Political leaders have not brought change; they have failed to curb excessive policing and incarceration rates or create economic opportunities and hope people can believe in. (Rosenfeld, np)’

When you turn on the TV and flip through the channels all you see is coverage on the Baltimore riots. people looting stores, setting cars on fire and throwing rocks at police cars. When I say people I meant one race in particular, Africans Americans. The reason why it is such an uproar in Baltimore is the recent shooting of Walter Scott, an unarmed black man, by a white police officer (Michael Slager) who pulled him over for a broken taillight. In South Carolina, this has sparked a great public outcry in the US. There have been several incidents of US police officers shooting unarmed suspects without just cause, an overwhelming majority of whom were African-American, in the past year. Many civil rights activists believe that the police is more likely to use excessive force against black men and that such incidents have been occurring for decades. Police brutality is a growing problem in the United States that is mainly happening to African American males which is affecting the black community causing people to riot, act in a violent manner, and doubt the security that the justice system is providing. By rioting and acting violent is making the matters worst. We are destroying our communities and putting more Africans Americans at risk. There needs to be a more peaceful approach to the situation.

This is a video of a a young man that was mentally challenge and was shot by the police. The police approached the home of the young man and pulled out their weapons because the young man had a screwdriver .The young man then began to run and the police reacted my shooting him as “self-defense”.

In conclusion police brutality is a problem in the African American community. More laws should be enforced to govern how police officers treat people. Being African American in the United States, we don’t feel safe around the people whose job it is to make us feel safe and keep the peace. All of the riots and looting in Baltimore is the result of the anger that the African Americans have towards the police. To be honest, I can’t blame them but more alternative methods of getting the message across should be explored because violence is never the answer. It’s like fighting fire with fire, in the end; it’s just going to get worst. Police Brutality isn't just a physical situation. I don’t think many police officers realize that the beatings/killings of African Americans destroys the views as how the people view police officers. We hope that one day, police officers will realize that this is bigger than what it is. We wish that police officers would take a step out of their shoes and try to understand how African Americans feel. “ Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars, darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.” ( Dr. Martin Luther King)

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