How TO Deal With Daily Earthly Hell

College is a milestone of our lives. Whether we like it or not, in this leveled up situation, we need to deal with different varieties of people, both rich and poor, thin and fat, old and young, black and white, introvert and extrovert. We sometimes became lost in finding who we are, which place or higher grounds are feet supposedly planted. We ask ourselves a lot of idiotic questions, mostly our purposed of existence. In our pandemonium, which at times we try to seek someone’s help to cheer us up, or to just wipe our tears away before it dries up and remains a dirty mark on our flawless cheeks, they tend to simply just disappear. And here we are totally black out, became lost in the middle of nowhere with no one to turn to, with no one to hold on just to avoid slipping. And there you are in the dark, even your shadows left you. You came to a realization to accept the fact that you are all alone, you need to face it independently of how to deal with your daily earthly hell.

The first thing to do of rocking the hell out is that, from BLACKOUT PHASE, YOU NEED TO STAND UP AND BUILD A FIRM FOUNDATION BY FINDING YOURSELF! No elements on earth can ever tantalize your dignity once you have it. Start to seek the answers in these questions of what you want, what you need, what you love to do, and what you hate. You need to focused yourself with these few things because they help emphasize who you are. They are the fundamentals of your characterization, they provide a visible hints of where your place is.

Secondly, after identifying your basics, proceed to the next chapter by practicing and living with it. Not only familiarized, instead MASTERIZED your skills, remember just be patient to let this process absorbed within you. Cause when the right time comes, the things itself will surely defines you. Once you became you, you became impregnable!

The next is to go after your place wherever it is. Not only follow but CHASE IT. TAKE NOTE, YOUR PLACE IS YOURS NOT WITH ANYBODY ELSE. Pushed yourself out of your limitations, break the boundaries, avoid the confusions, just go straight forward. Neglect persecution, don’t let someone hinder nor block your way. NEVER EVER EXPECT RESCUE FROM ANYBODY! IT WILL ONLY HURTS AND DISCOURAGE YOU. It may even leads you back to where you came from. Live your life as if you’re ruling the world all by yourself. Just let GOD, HIMSELF BE YOUR ONLY PERSONAL FRIEND AND HE WILL NEVER EVER LEAVE YOU ASTRAY.

The world is vicious, wicked and cruel. It gives favoritism to some, but DO NOT LET THE THOUGHT DRAG YOU DOWN. Just do what is necessary to bring everything you need closer to you. You holds the key of your own portal to success, it’s no one’s choice but yours. You hold your own pen, even God had no control of your fate, it was all in your hands. Whatever your decision is, it dictates your destiny. In a simple words, you are writing your own story. BE CONFIDENT TO MAKE IT BEAUTIFUL AND THIS TIME DON’T LET ANY KINDS OF HELL make you confused.