Efficient nearest neighbors inspired by the fruit fly brain

The New algorithm

The Biological analogy

Procedure for hashing the smell in a fruit fly’s brain

Efficiency of generating the hash

Implementation and Results

It works as advertised! I got 3~4x higher mAP scores from Fly LSH for the same computational budget.

Can we do better?

Learning the directions along which to take projections improves the performance of Fly LSH
For hash length k=32 (a) Directions assigned randomly, and (b) Directions learnt by the autoencoder. Both images are 784x640 matrices. In (b) the highest 10% weights along each column were binarized to 1.
An autoencoder with sparse weights performs slightly worse on MNIST. I appreciate any ideas to improve this.





Blogs about replicating research papers in machine learning

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Jaiyam Sharma

Jaiyam Sharma

Blogs about replicating research papers in machine learning

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