Sentinel Chain — A blockchain based solution to the problem of ‘dead capital’

There are more than 570 million farms worldwide, most of which are small and family-operated. These smallholder farmers rely on seasonal agricultural production for their livelihood.

These smallholder farmers often face the problem of low financial capability. Without access to formal financial services, they are subjected to higher costs of borrowing as providers often require greater incentives to offer them credit.

These farmers don’t have a collateral to get loans from bank.

Banks doesn’t offer loans without collateral

However, these smallholder farmers have ‘dead capital’ in the form of livestock they hold.

Farmers with livestock

Ever imagined that dead capital such as ‘livestock’ can be converted to something tangible or something fungible which has some value.

Each livestock has some value

How about using the cow or a sheep to borrow money to manage cash outflows and inflows during times of volatile weather and markets.

If we consider the livestock as a fungible asset, the ‘poor’ are much richer than they think. All they need is a solution to unlock their economic potential.

Converting ‘dead capital’ to borrow money to manage cash outflows and inflows requires an extremely complex process and this is where Sentinel Chain pitches in.

What is Sentinel Chain ?

The Sentinel Chain is the world’s first global B2B marketplace platform for financial inclusion services accepting the use of livestock as collateral.

Issues Sentinel Chain is addressing ?

Sentinel aims to solve the problem of credit access for the 420 million unbanked population across Asia by creating a blockchain bases platform called Sentinel Chain.

Sentinel Chain

The Sentinel Chain addresses two main issues to be solved to allow the asset tokenization of livestock:

  1. Creation of a process that transforms livestock from ‘dead capital’ to a fungible asset with a transparent and clear defined value.
  2. Creation of an open and transparent marketplace that connects the unbanked to the network of global financial providers.

How this works at high level ?

Sentinel Chain believes that the mutual creation of livestock insurance and the registration of livestock provenance on blockchain provide a new opportunity: the real possibility of accepting livestock as ‘collateral’ for loans.

Sentinel Chain partners with InfoCorp which offers a solution at the local market level by creating a digital system to quantify, identify and verify the livestock ownership (through the use of Livestock Identification Tag) which unlocks the value of livestock assets.

Every livestock is identified with a unique identification tag
Livestock asset has a great value now

To unlock the value of these livestock assets which facilitates livestock insurance and collateralize loans Sentinel Chain provides a scalable marketplace by pooling together local markets and opening up access to new forms of financial services offered from offshore.

Different forms of financial services opens up

This makes the access to credit cheaper and faster. The unbanked now have access to comprehensive financial services, savings, e-payment, credit, investment and insurance.

End Result-

Unbanked can also participate in global economy as financially free agents

Join Sentinel for unlocking the true potential of the unbanked.

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