We just launched our, shall we say, long overdue redesign of our marketing website. We wanted to do something more fun and experimental than the traditional marketing site, and because we are a bunch who loves creating beautiful and interactive apps we decided we should do something epic; so we invented CMBR Bot.

Meet CMBR BOT — The user-guided, ReactJS-powered, conversational bot, built by and for the app design and development team, Camber Creative. 🤖

How fun! Turns out, however, that even though the design is quite simple (Brice likes to call it “undesigned”), the implementation is not. …

Here at Camber Creative, the app dev consultancy I work at, we use a ton of tools to handle our day to day operations — just like I imagine most tech shops do nowadays. Two of our most relied on tools however are Slack and Toggl. Slack to talk (duh) and Toggl to log our hours (an especially important tool for us considering our entire team works remote and on our own schedules). So I thought, as any proud developer does, why not try and combine the two?

Jonah Katz

Project Manager & Developer at Camber Creative • NYC • jonahkatz.mewww.cmbr.co

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