Throughout childhood we face new ideas and concepts. “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, is a common phrase taught among families and in the classroom. This awareness of looking past the outer appearance of a book allows what is inside to shine through. This phrase applies to people too. In today’s society racism and judgement is prominent. To look past the color of one’s skin becomes difficult when jumping to conclusions about the person. A show that embodies confronting racism head-on is Black-ish, a comedy on ABC. 
Black-ish is about a black family living in a “white society”. In each episode, they face racism day to day, to spread awareness of what it is like to be in the shoes of a black family. They discuss race in a comedic way to gage attention from the audience of how easy it is to overlook the thoughts and scenarios racing through the heads of black people. The show itself is not meant to impact lives in a deep meaningful way, or to fix slavery. It is simply to draw awareness to racism and to make people see how silly situations can escalate due to judgement of race. It is meant to get the audience laughing, while being conscious of how racism has become part of the norm in today’s culture. 
So ask yourself, will you always judge a book by its cover?