Internet of Things, slow and steady development is accelerating

Interview with Stijn Grove, Dutch Datacenter Association

Stijn Grove, CEO Dutch Datacenter Association is giving on June 8 his keynote speaker speech during the 7th edition of the Internet of Things Event at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Here he gives an impression what it will be about.

“The possibilities and chances of the Internet of Things are by far greater than most people can imagine,” according to Stijn Grove, managing director of the Dutch Datacenter Association (DDA). “In the past years more and more electronic equipment got connected, that is what started Internet of Things to grow. For instance, the once so much used mobile phone has become a smartphone with an app for calling someone. But the device itself offers far more possibilities with many different apps that can be used for a great number of different things. These developments are going faster and faster nowadays and offer a host of possibilities and challenges.”

Internet of ‘Shit’

One of the business sectors were IoT is used daily, are milk diaries. The dairy cows wear a necklace which sends info about the cows’ condition and their activities. Connected to the milking machines, all info is gathered and providing insight in the animals’ health as well their milk production. Also, it provides insight if they get sufficient food and what is the effect on their milk quality and production and if adjustment of their feeding is needed to improve productivity.

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