Who was Antoine Bechamp?

Who has heard of Antoine Bechamp? No one right? Everyone has heard of French scientist Louis Pasteur, yes? Known for ‘Germ theory” — the idea that we become sick when our bodies are invaded by foreign organisms such as bacteria, fungi, and, of course, viruses.

What is known hardly at all is that there was another theory circulating in the same era as ‘Germ theory’ and it was known as ‘Terrain theory’ — its main proponent was Antoine Bechamp. He believed that the most important factor that determines whether or not a person becomes ill is not the presence of a germs, but rather how prepared the body’s internal environment (Terrain) is to repel or destroy germs.

Pasteur and Béchamp were bitter rivals over several scientific issues and there are strong claims that Pasteur plagiarised a lot of Bechamp’s work. The reason you probably haven’t heard of Antoine Bechamp and his achievements and theories is that, like Nikola Tesla and his battles with Thomas Edison in the field of electricity, Antoine Bechamp and his works had been wiped from historical records.

This illustrates the level of control the medical and scientific establishment have in controlling or pushing a certain narrative. Again, like Tesla, if knowledge of Antoine Bechamp and his work had not been suppressed then the world of medicine and science and our understanding of health might have been a lot different.

The science behind Bechamp’s Microzymian Principle is too complex for me to explain here but the main thrust of his brilliant work is a deep and thorough understanding of how the internal chemistry of the body works and how by encouraging the right nutrient balance in the body this helps create a healthy and robust environment with strong immune system function and in many cases the over-proliferation of harmful bacteria and viruses do not occur. This is sometimes known as preventative medicine.

In this age of Corona virus pandemic and the rush to find a Vaccine — are any of the ‘experts’ in the media talking about how to build a healthy immune system? Not only as a tool to help fight off any virus or influenza infection but as a preventative method to prevent such illnesses from taking hold. I have practiced ‘Terrain theory’ for many years. I made a conscious decision to not outsource the responsibility for my health to pharmaceutical companies. Germ Theory or Terrain Theory? One theory is based on fear of your environment, the other on love and care of oneself. Ask yourself which theory is more empowering to you as an individual ‘Germ Theory’ or ‘Terrain theory’?

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