How To Found A $1 Billion Dollar Unicorn Startup

I have founded several startups over my life. 6 projects of mine have been successful, and 2 have been unicorns, meaning a billion dollar valuation.

Here is the blueprint for success.

Step 1: Get Analyzed By The CIA

Step 2: Be Good To Your Analysts

Step 3: Build a Slide Deck for your new venture, while your analysts are watching your computer

Step 4: Make Your Analysts Think Your Venture Is The Coolest Thing In The World

Step 5: Let Your Analysts Take It And Run With It, and then the CIA Builds It

The upside is your company could get huge, as the CIA analysts have all the resources of the federal government.

The downside is you’re never sure if you made it.

And that’s how unicorn status works.

The world loves your app and uses it, and you never know if it made it.

True story.




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