Are you brave?

Taken @ Eagle’s Nest (Kehlsteinhaus), Bavaria, Germany

For me, it is most likely the most attractive quality in a person.

I think many of us if asked, would say that we are brave. I guess in a sense to get out of bed every morning takes a bit of bravery. The odds are certainly there and high that we will be hurt, embarrassed, or treated poorly in some way throughout the day. The world can be cold and scary if we let it. But why does being brave make us different?

Brave has brothers like bold and confident. And, although they may all seem like clones at times, they are not identical. Bold can be reckless and confidence, though massively important, is easily influenced by its annoying cousin, arrogance. And despite classic depictions of awesome heroes, fear is indeed present when one is being brave. Being brave makes you different by allowing you to disagree with the world in a positive way.

I’ll admit that I am not brave as often as I would like to be. Often, I let the world influence me in a negative way and feel powerless to change any of it. These are times when I turn to observation and the recognition of others bravery to help get me back on track with what I am capable of.

What does brave look like?

Brave looks like the crippled man who rides my bus every morning oozing enthusiasm as he greets all the passengers as they step on with a smile. Most will ignore him as a result of his abnormal appearance and unbecoming smell, assuming he has nothing to offer them, yet he persists with no expectation of return — only believing that his actions are bringing value to his world.

Brave looks like the woman who recognizes that she is in a situation not right for her, whether business or otherwise, and takes action to change her circumstances even though she knows the road is more than just rocky — it’s switchbacks with sheer drops all the way to the summit.

Brave looks like the language learner who makes constant mistakes and risks constant embarrassment in the hope of reaching fluency.

Brave looks like the patient entrepreneur who undergoes dozens of failures and setbacks daily to fulfill the belief in a vision often only they can see.

Brave looks like the couple who stays together, not out of fear of loss of one another, but out of the belief that what they have together is strong and worth fighting for and that they can make it work if they want to.

Brave looks like the parents, who after losing a child they should never have had to lose, choose to keep going, keep living when it would be so easy to quit.

Brave is being big when needed and small when necessary. It is being brave for yourself as well as others. Brave is knowing that, although stuff can and will go wrong, you are ready to accept the consequences and adapt. Brave is having a plan and finding it in yourself to show up and see it through.

There seems to a be a trending belief lately that the world will soon be overrun with zombies, or that we will need to flee the planet as a result of our self-created waste. While super viruses are super real, global warming and pollution critical issues needing to be addressed, and space travel astronomically cool to think about, the truth is that bravery will occur right now, right here, today, with you. There is a very high chance that it won’t happen on Mars and it won’t happen with a machine gun facing down a horde of the undead. Do not wait to be brave someday.

The world belongs to the brave and the brave are the ones who will change it.

So, I ask again, are you brave?

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