100 Reasons Why Education is Failing:

#1- Intrinsic > Extrinsic

Education and how it is practiced needs to evolve and so immediately. We as human beings are a species and for any species to avoid extinction it must adapt and evolve. There is no doubt that our world around us is changing and advancing every day. Technology is growing ever exponentially and the amount of information we must consume continues to grow. How are we supposed to keep up with this growth of knowledge?!

Society is taking on change and advancement year after year. We can all agree on this am I right? Then why the heck has the ways in which we educate not advanced at this same rate?! How can we place expectations upon future generations to be innovative when the very environment we place upon them is centuries outdated?!?!!

From adolescence to early adulthood there are many levels of education to create diversity in knowledge. However, there is one common strategy used that creates motivation, but not inspiration. Education and society as we know it, has been, and still puts forth extrinsic rewards as prime motivation. The grade you receive, the job, certificate, money, and social proof are all external reasons of motivation. The entire system is built around extrinsic motivation!

This creates results yes, and students aspire to reach these goals and rewards, but only through ignorance of choice. The illusion is that we are making free choices and deciding what education path we wish to follow. We see large amounts of money, fancy living, a “dream job”, and set these things as our prime motivator.

Intrinsic inspiration is where true education and knowledge come forth. Go ahead, ask around and see what people respond as to why they have the degrees, certificates, grade point averages, and goals that they do. The majority will give an answer out of motivation for extrinsic reasoning.

Yes, it is alright to use extrinsic motivation, but intrinsic reasoning will forever and always overpower extrinsic thoughts because it comes from the foundation of our being. We must change the ways of education to lead students in finding their own reasoning to learn. They must have internal inspiration as to WHY they are trying to earn some level of achievement. People who preach that knowledge is power are correct when it is led by inner forces!

Think about how you chose your life path…….. Or do you actually feel as though you chose it, or have you just floated here because of life?

Are you doing whatever it is you do in life currently because of inner inspiration or external motivators?

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