Get Inspired

There is one reason to do business. To make money. But there is one way to do it, with the fire with in. Yet, as many of us move through time, we seem to have forgotten.

We’ve grown weary, disconnected, distracted or detached. We’ve lost our connection with our inner fire — our unique experience of being alive and belonging in a greater sense to others, and the world around us.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve met houndreds of entrepreneurs pushing their dreams forward. Almost of of them failed, some did some amazing things, and some are still trying. To be start something new you have to have that inner fire. You must know how to light that fire to your team. That fire is everything, and you do that by mirroring back to them all of their strengths and gifts, and then inviting them to align their lives with who they truly are as their highest and best selves.

If your inner fire has dampened from the stressors and challenges of living in today’s world, you just have to keep in mind 4 simple rules -

1. Be Fearless.

“There is freedom waiting for you,
On the breezes of the sky,
And you ask “What if I fall?”
Oh but my darling,
What if you fly?”

Erin Hanson

2. Just Do.

“Don’t count the days, make the days count.”

Muhamamad Ali

3. Keep moving forward.

“Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.”

Winston Churchill

4. Today.

“Light tomorrow with today.”

Elizabeth barret Browning

Today is your opportunity to make your tomorrow better. If you think of it from the point that your today is the result of your yesterdays, it’s clear that what you are doing today is either moving your forward or moving you backward. That’s why you want to grab today by the horns and make the most of it as you can. Do that enough times and you’ll start to see signs that your todays are getting better, which only sets you up better and better for tomorrow. You can find yourself in negative or positive spiral based on how well you are spending your days.