First Impressions

The River Liffey runs through the center of Dublin

I made it folks, i’m sending this (finally) from the great city of Dublin. My first week has been everything I could have hoped for and more. Still plenty of things to figure out, but feeling like this was absolutely the right decision.

The city itself is fairly easy to get around with Dublinbikes, a public bike sharing program, great options for public transit with the Dublin bus system and light rail, as well as being quite walkable. People are just as friendly as everyone said before I arrived and have greeted me with open arms and full pint glasses. Seriously, the Guinness here is like nothing I have tasted before. They serve beer cold, for those of you who were asking, although I have become a big fan of hot whiskeys (similar to a hot toddy) in the sub 40 weather.

The food has been satisfying and I am so glad to be somewhere I can get a doner kebab on almost any street. My first meal (see below) was a homemade shepard’s pie with mashed potatoes, carrots, cabbage, and of course a tall Guinness at a wonderful pub named Molloy’s. Ended up sitting next to one of the managers while I ate and had a proper introduction to rugby watching the Australia v Scotland match.

My new office is right in the heart of the International Financial Services Centre and located in the CHQ building. We share the building with a few other store fronts (hello lunch options) as well as EPIC the Irish Emigration Museum. The startups currently in the space and a few notable Dogpatch alumni include: Teckro, CoderDojo, Intercom, Boxever, and a little company called Instagram.

The Urban Garden — Work & event space on the top level of Dogpatch Labs overlooking the shops at CHQ

I have been to several startup events this past week and can already recognize the energy in the ecosystem. Intercom hosted a product development focused evening at Dublin’s famous Vicar Street, I saw the first pitches of Startup Boost’s Global Demo Day, and had the opportunity to hear the CEO of, Peter Coppinger speak at our First Fridays for Startups event onsite.

Peter Coppinger, CEO of Irish startup

I move into my new apartment today and can finally unpack my clothes to stop living out of suitcases. There are more places to explore, adventures to go on, and mighty craic to be had. Look forward to sharing with y’all.


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