Republicans, Don’t Tell Me You’re Surprised or Upset about Donald Trump

By Randy Abraham

Dear Republicans,

Don’t tell me you’re surprised or upset that Donald Trump is close to getting elected president of the United States.

Don’t tell me you’re upset that Donald Trump is making things uncomfortable for Republican officials, or that he does not represent your ideals or agenda for America.

For seven years we’ve heard you bitch about the “nigger in the White House” and how you want “your country” back.

We bit our tongues when you forwarded emails to us full of ugly lies about out-of-control spending, Kenyan socialism, Obama hates white people, hates this country, hates our military, wipes his ass with the Constitution, is surrendering to our enemies and inviting terrorists in through open borders and leaving us defenseless.

All of your people laughed at all of your crude, insulting jokes and the pictures of Obama in a loin cloth with a bone through his nose, and depicting his family as a bunch of apes eating watermelon on the White House lawn.

And all along, you’ve said your opposition to President Obama is principled and grounded in the Constitution.

But you sat through a presidency during which we spied on people, tapped their phones without getting warrants, detained people without trial, tortured people in secret overseas prisons, fired prosecutors who refused to pursue sham lawsuits over phantom voter fraud, and invaded a country over false pretenses — and we never heard a complaint, not a peep, from you.

And anyone who questioned that vile war, or the policies of the Bush administration, were mocked as loons and smeared as terrorist sympathizers and anti-Americans with something to hide. We were told to shut up and “support our troops.”

You say you’re for fiscal conservatism and limited government, but under the previous administration you ran record high deficits, ran two expensive wars off the books while you cut taxes — twice, and at the same time — established a huge unfunded prescription drug entitlement plan with no care to pay for any of it, created the largest federal bureaucracy in history, and enacted the largest federal encroachment into the public school system.

When Obama was elected, this country was on its knees. He tried to get it back on its feet and pleaded for compromise and bipartisan support in a time of historic crisis, and all he got from you was your unending hatred and knee-jerk opposition.

But why the vitriol? What did Obama do to you or this country? How did he violate the Constitution or put our nation at risk?

After spending a lifetime insisting that politics was a bunch of bullshit, they’re all a bunch of crooks, and that voting was a waste of time, all of a sudden you somehow became experts on our system of government, our laws and our Constitution, the minute that Barack Obama was sworn in as president.

Under President Obama, everything he said or did became an unspeakable outrage, an unprecedented violation of the Constitution, and an impeachable offense.

Despite his work as a community organizer, a state senator, US senator, and a teacher of constitutional law, you demonized him as an alien malevolent force with a murky, dangerous background.

You questioned his manner and place of birth, his religion, his citizenship and his love of country.

But now you nominate someone with no record of public service, no experience in government, no empathy for or understanding of the common good, and not even a hint of a coherent policy.

Maybe we should not be surprised.

After bitching about bank bailouts — if only to rationalize your opposition to banking reform — in 2012 you nominated a Wall Street vulture capitalist who took advantage of every bailout, tax dodge and loophole in the books.

And after electing a bunch of clueless loudmouth Tea Party demagogues who promised to shake Washington up and end “business as usual,” you barely shrugged when they then appointed lobbyists and other hired guns on loan from corporate America to be their chiefs of staff — and then promptly went to work gaming the system by weakening laws that were enacted to rein in the crony capitalists and corrupt Wall Street institutions whose greedy and reckless actions led to the Crash of 2008.

You don’t believe anything in the newspapers, say the media just lies to us, but you swallow every hate-filled anonymous diatribe contained in the emails your buddies send you.

You always say you’re angry, but you can’t say why.

You’ve divided people against each other, and elected vicious hateful extremists who posed fully armed in their campaign literature and sold your hatred right back to you while they put the well-being of this country at the bottom of their list of priorities.

You say you love this country, but you hate half of its voters, hate the government and its employees, hate blacks and minorities, members of the media, labor unions, public school and university teachers, immigrants, and religious, ethnic and sexual minorities.

To be clear, what is it about this country that you actually love? Because you’ve made it abundantly clear what you hate.

After seven years of declared war against a democratically elected president, you’ve violated every protocol needed to facilitate representative self-government in a pluralistic society, burned every bridge behind you, and have done everything you can to make this country ungovernable under a Democratic president, even taking us to the brink of a national default, and writing open letters to the leaders of a hostile nation in which you urged them to reject the policies of our own president — even if rejecting a nuclear arms agreement could mean an unavoidable slide to war.

You’ve crossed the Rubicon, and there’s no turning back.

But until now that hatred was directed only at Democrats, and now that hatred has been extended to include the RINOs, moderates and anyone else unwilling to go to the extremes of your scorched-earth politics of personal destruction.

Now, your party has found the perfect candidate who tells it like it is in this Age of Discontent, and who doesn’t care about hurting anyone’s feelings, about political correctness and the status quo, or about shaking things up.

But after all the outrageous and indefensible comments and untenable positions he’s taken — and then taken back — you and your fellow Republican leaders are getting concerned about the direction this election is taking.

But meanwhile your voters are cheering on your nominee in packed houses around the country.

And now you too find yourselves in the cross-hairs.

So what was it you guys hoped to achieve when you met on Inauguration Night, 2009 to plot the political destruction, by any means possible, of our newly elected president?