Is Your Business Address A Goldmine?

Leverage The Opportunity. The Way People Work Has Evolved…

There is a new trend seen around the globe as remote workers, freelancers, independent businesses and startups choose flexibility and freedom over being locked to one office. Nearly half of the U.S. workforce will be contingent workers according to Intuit Study in 2015. More and more people become entrepreneurs and independent.

So how about the four walls business owners?

There are several ways to benefit from this new trend around the world, one of the best one is which according to their site; ” Mailbnb is an online marketplace for people to list, discover, and book prestigious business addresses around the world.”

What does this really mean?

If you are a business owner with an office, you have a new way to capitalize your business location address, yes the address. The Mailbnb platform enables the business owners to rent out their business address to the guests.


You as a business owner can list your business location and your guests, in the same way they might choose an Airbnb house to spend a night, choose their business location. That’s it, very smple.

Your Guest.

The average guest spends about $1500 annually. You can have multiple guests at the same time.

Your guests want a prestigious and strategic address to project their business image. This way, business owners are able to virtually run their business from anywhere while still having the benefits that come with a set business address.

Become A Mailbnb Host

As one Mailbnb user explains, We listed a professional address in Los Angeles, at the bargain price. I am a host and you could be my virtual guest from anywhere in the world. How simple is that? I love it. “

To list your address on Mailbnb and start making money off your business address, visit

It is FREE to business owners / hosts to list a business address — just opportunities for extra income.

By Jake Buffett