How I Became Big, Bold, and Determined with Body of a Spartan

This article will help you understand the benefits I received from Victor Pride’s Body of a Spartan. This will show you my results, and give you an idea of what you can accomplish.

This is not a review of Body of a Spartan, if that’s what you’re looking for, check out Mike Cernovich’s review.

Now that you know what this isn’t, let’s get into what this is:


I’ve always been a skinny dude, but I was no stranger to physical fitness. I was in the Army for 6 years as a paratrooper, which means I ran — a lot. I’ve done the crossfit, ran a couple 10 milers, a triathlon, some weight lifting. In the world of weight lifting I would be considered a newbie.

5'11'’ and 168 lbs — before I started Body of a Spartan

My Schedule

I would do Body of a Spartan anywhere between 9am-1pm and work a physical labor job from 4:30pm-11pm.

What I ate

I never took eating big to gain weight serious and I knew it. After receiving advice from a friend and fellow rugby player (who also played D1 college football and won a regional U19 powerlifting competition with a 500lb+ squat) I decided to start eating serious. Here is what I ate everyday:

  • 2–3 egg, cheese, and toast sandwiches with mayonnaise for breakfast
  • 6 peanut butter and honey or jelly sandwiches throughout the day
  • 2–3 John Doe Homemade Weight Gaining Shakes
  • Some kind of homemade pasta with meat (hamburger helper is great but any combination of: 1lb of beef/chicken, pasta, sauce).*I would split this in half and eat one half for lunch and one half for dinner

If I didn’t have time to make pasta I would get fast food. Always one of the two:

  • Burger King Double Whopper w/cheese and fries, plus a long chicken sandwhich
  • Cook Out spicy chicken tray with fries and nugs, plus out-west style big double burger w/cheese, plus peanut butter banana milkshake

Besides food, I took creatine.

That’s it, everyday for 4 months.

I don’t know how many calories this food equals.

I do know that I was always full and anytime I wasn’t full, I was eating.

*I am an ectomorph and I work a physical labor job 6 hours a day, 5–7 days a week. This means I burn a shit-ton of calories. Don’t follow my diet unless you’re a skinny ectomorph who has trouble gaining weight or you may become fat. Just follow the diet advice in Body of a Spartan.

My Results

255 Squat increased to 295

185 Bench increased to 235

335 Deadlift increased to 385

I gained 18 pounds of mostly muscle in 4 months.

The skinny meerkat becomes a big bad wolf.

*Important to note, my legs and especially my ass increased in size (in a good way).

What I accomplished

I learned you don’t have to kill it every-time you’re in the gym. Some days you walk in the gym and feel like shit… just get through the important lifts and call it a day.

I developed a mind-muscle connection.

I gained 18 pounds of mostly muscle.

I became more disciplined.

I increased my willpower.

I became more aggressive.

I increased my confidence.

I changed my belief system, I can gain muscle with hard work.

I passed 175lb for the first time in my life.

I became stronger than average.

I increased my self-esteem.

I became more attractive.

I became more dominate.

I learned that nothing worth earning comes quick.

You can accomplish the same and more.

What does the future hold for you?

Leave a comment, I’m happy to answer questions.