Why I’m Certain The President Has Been Compromised by Russia
Ben Chapman

Talk about cognitive dissonance to the nth degree. Get over it man, Hillary lost and it wasn’t because of Russian involvement.

Russia had no play in my voting for Trump or anyone I know who voted for Trump.

They have bad information on the Republicans? So release it!

Here is something you liars and sore losers don’t get:

This is not about Republicans and Democrats — any intelligent person doesn’t give two rats ass about the parties. They are all corrupt.

I would have voted for Trump if he was a Democrat as long as he had the same message.

This is about taking America back from the 40 years of Bush-Clinton-Obama elitist criminals, actually having the government work for it’s people, restoring it’s credibility, and stoping the military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about.

You want to talk about Russian involvement? How about the last 15–20 years of anti-american communist propaganda the education system has been pushing? The KGB may have helped to start that with it’s “de-moralization” process years ago.

You want to start looking into Russian involvement? Look into Yuri Bezmenov and the subversion process and you will see that is the true Russian involvement that started years ago.

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