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My 5 Largest Stock Holdings in August 2018

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On my YouTube channel, I always share my stock portfolio on the Robinhood App, constantly update them with how my portfolio is doing and if I’m buying or selling new stocks. One thing I don’t do as often as I should is tell them why I own. So in this article I’ll be going over my top 5 holdings in my Robinhood portfolio as of August 2018.

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1) Apple ($AAPL) 12.76%

Apple is a stock that I definitely feel comfortable holding as the largest position in my portfolio. Apple is thumbs up across the board in my eyes. It’s at a great price, value, has a nice dividend yield (with room to grow it), has strong leadership and is extremely competitive in it’s industry. The one possible critique of Apple has been that if iPhone revenue was to go down, Apple would get hit very hard, but it was the opposite in this last quarter. Apple’s iPhones sales did go down, but as I had been pointing out for quite a few quarters Apple’s “other” and “services” categories had been slowly growing and this past quarter had significant growth.

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2) Boeing ($BA) 6.92%

Boeing is a stock that not only adds a little bit of diversity to my portfolio but is also a safe growth stock from the industrial sector which is often difficult to find. Boeing currently has a 22 P/E ratio and almost a 2% dividend yield. Boeing in the past year is up around 50% which easily beats the S&P, Dow Jones and NASDAQ. Boeing is a stock that is a mixture of a bluechip stock because of it’s fair valuation, large market cap, and dividend yield, but also offers strong growth to go along with that.

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3) Netflix $NFLX 6.52%

Netflix is a stock that has been called “over valued” when it was still at $100 but now is well over $330. Netflix has been the best grower by far in my portfolio, but I will still admit they do have a very high P/E ratio which is unusual for most stocks in my portfolio. A P/E ratio that high would typically drive away investors like myself and I wouldn’t blame people for sitting out on Netflix. On the other hand, I think a stock like Netflix is alright having a P/E ratio for a two main reasons. First is that Netflix is still a young, evolving company. A lot of their profits are being directly reinvested back into the company and this will cause a higher P/E ratio as their earnings might seem lower than they actually are. Netflix also has a lot of “short-term” buyers who are just here for quick swing trades, but will eventually sell off if they ever don’t have amazing earnings like usual.

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4) Microsoft ($MFST) 6.32%

Coming in at number four is Microsoft. Microsoft is yet another technology stock in my portfolio, but might be the strongest and safest technology stock in the entire stock market. Microsoft unlike many other high growth tech stocks has multiple strong revenue streams. Microsoft’s main revenue sources can be broken down into Microsoft office, Windows PC, Surface, Xbox, Server products, ads, phones, and Linkedin. All of these revenue streams are strong and Microsoft has been ahead of the game in terms of driving monthly subscription services as well as cloud and AI.

5) Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) 5.40%

I know a lot of people out there who don’t invest in health care or biopharmaceutical stocks because they are too risky. Johnson & Johnson is one of the few bluechip health care stocks that is a pretty safe stock. With a yield of 2.68% and being a Dividend King I would argue JNJ is a safe bet.

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