What’s the worst that could happen? 

A small question to help make a big difference. 

This will be quick.

What is the worst that could happen? That’s the question I want you to ask yourself when making your next decision. Don’t ask “Will this work?” Nine times out of ten, you can’t answer that. We don’t know if it will work, but we know that if it does, things will be great. You need to recognize the worst possible outcome and the best possible outcome, and then determine if the risk is worth the reward.

Way too often we worry about messing up. We don’t want to be wrong, we don’t want to fail. Maybe you will upset the status quo, maybe you will cost yourself money, maybe you will make your boss so mad that he/she screams. Does that matter? Is it repairable? If so, then go for it.

If you have an idea, quit asking “will this work?” and start asking “what is the worst that could happen?”

You will take more chance, and the chances of success go way up. Yes, you will fail. Great people and companies fail everyday. The important part is knowing that they can recover, and being able to move on to the next decision they have to make.

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