The Future of Medium

Dear Medium, lets be honest.

There is nothing that is more of a turn off to a reader craving well thought out, compassionate content, than the thin lists I am suffocated by across the internet. The craze for minimally contextual blog posts organized by irrelevant lists only has one true purpose in my eyes: to get attention. As a culture that turns on the television reflexively, we are programmed to receive but not to transmit. These list-based blog posts serve our attention similarly to TV. We can read a persuasive headline and skim the bold points, feeling accomplished for supposedly “reading” while in reality we are not thinking deeply enough about the text to gain any sort of intelligence.

I think as a website/app that organizes blog posts for readers who seek intriguing content, Medium is striving for a community. A community of writers, a community of readers, and a community of thinkers. I think the overwhelming flow of lists on Medium have the potential to influence Medium to become a community of consumers with no personal investment which will die slowly and disband as the next big thing comes along.

Medium needs to address this. Medium needs to add the feature that classifies a post as a list or not. I need to be given the option to not see any lists. They may be able to do it with the tagging system. On Medium, every post is allowed 3 tags (an excellent feature). I think there should be a mandatory fourth tag that is required for lists. This was my feed is not filled with lists I ignore anyway. Also, this separates my Medium feed from my Facebook, and Twitter feed.

If Medium doesn’t address this large variable in building community with depth and personality, it will slowly transform into a less successful BuzzFeed.