Enjoy Work, Love Life, Don’t Sweat the Details

When I first got into startups I thought success came from working on something lucrative.

So I thought of problems people had, how I could solve them, and hacked away at a few projects that looked promising.

On paper I was changing the world.

In practice, I hated my life.

There’s nothing worse than waking up every day knowing you don’t enjoy what you do.

Applying for startup accelerators in full knowledge that you don’t see the value in your product.

Sending pitch decks to investors, even though you don’t need the money, don’t want their help, and don’t want to work on the product tomorrow.

It really doesn’t have to be that way.

Start by working on things you actually enjoy. Then worry about making money later.

I mean, obviously don’t work on something you think will never succeed. Unless you really don’t care about your future sanity. Or it’s a side/passion project.

But don’t sweat the details of the success.

There’s literally hundreds of projects out there that I’ve looked at recently and thought “wow, that’ll never work!”. Or “that’s just a tiny side project, right?”. Then heard a few weeks later they’ve been acquired.

The defining trait there is that they enjoy what they do. If you love your work, it’s easy to get others to love it too. And that’s really what success is all about.