I’m Writing My First Book

I’m writing a book. Not right now, obviously. Right now I’m writing about writing a book. The book’ll get written later. Or tomorrow or something.

I don’t know, really. I’ve said I’ll write a book quite a few times now, and immediately not done so.

Writing comes pretty naturally to me, but books have always eluded me. It’s not the length. I’d happily sit down and write a couple thousand words a day. I do right now.

It’s more the finality of it I guess. If I get flamed for something I write in a blog post I can go back and change it. If that happens in a printed book I’m screwed.

I’ve always tried to write fiction. No idea why, guess I want the release from reality. But this time I’m writing a book about something I actually know how to do: personal branding.

Why Personal Branding?

Personal branding’s a passion of mine. I love the idea of building a brand around yourself, then having other micro-brands and products that you make, sell, resell.

It means never going back to zero after selling your company. Never worrying about your startup making megabucks, because you make money by just being you.

Mostly it means doing what you love, and making a living from it. That gives you the freedom of trying out cool new things without the pressure.

Who says you can’t run a startup, multiple side projects, and passion projects, from anywhere in the world? Personal branding lets you build an audience that’ll help you do that.

What Next?

Here’s what I know: I want to write the best, most actionable, personal branding book there is. It’ll be colloquial to the point people think I’m not trying. And I’ll launch within a month.

I’m writing in Ulysses and I’ve got the outline drawn up. I’ll set aside at least 10 hours a week to write.

So now I need to work out all the crappy finer details like word count, book size, and publishing format. I’m thinking I’ll start with a Kindle version for the distribution, and a premium version on startingup.co with a ton of perks.

Then all the even crappier even finer details like cover images, co-branding, and promotion.

I’ll get there. It just takes some work. Everything worth doing does.

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