Writing When You Don’t Feel Like Writing

Since I’ve committed to writing every day, I’ve started to feel a certain sense of pressure.

This is literally the third time today I’ve sat down to write something. I woke up late. 7am, which I’m sure sounds totally fine, but usually I’m up at 4. And as usual I immediately sat down to write. Or as I like to call it, get the damn post out the way.

But then I started to overthink it.

I started to think about why I was writing the words. Why would someone be interested in the topic? Why was I even bothering? Did anyone really care?

So I shut off my Mac and made coffee instead.

The coffee was delicious, for sure, but it made me feel guilty. Because now, even worse than writing something crappy that people hated, I’d written nothing.

Around 10 I sat down to try again. This time about travel or something. I don’t really remember. I just remember thinking how rich it was that I was writing about how people should travel more, having just spent longer in this house than I’ve spent anywhere in the last 10 months.

And again I gave up.

I seem to spend more time worrying about whether people give a shit about what I’m writing than I do actually writing.

That’s clearly a massive problem.

So how come I’ve managed to come up with this post? I reframed the problem. I thought about how crappy it was trying to write when you’re just not in the mood, thought about how I know pretty much no strategy to do so, then thought maybe other people would be struggling with the same thing.

So I still don’t want to be writing now, but on balance the thing I don’t want to do more is to disappoint people and look like a failure. I’ve committed to writing every single day for a year, and I intend to honor that commitment.

You might be disappointed if you’ve got this far in the post to find out I know literally no techniques at all to write more. No idea how to start writing when you just don’t want to. And I don’t have a huge amount of tips to give you about writing in general.

But one thing I can tell you is that it really doesn’t matter. If you wanna write, write. If you wanna not write, that’s fine too. But at least consider whether writing is the thing you least want to do right now.

If it’s not, you should just do it. If it is, go grab a coffee and try again later.

And if you come up with any good techniques, please do share them. You’ll hopefully do a better job of it than I have.

I’m just a guy from the UK that’s okay at writing, better at startups, awesome at making coffee.

This is day 4 in a 365 day writing experiment. You can check out why I’m writing every day here.

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