Newsreps, A Game Changer For Media

A behemoth of an idea that just hasn’t quite woken up yet.

One of the biggest obstacles to a news company is time. In the amount of time it takes for a company to catch wind of a breaking event and travel to it, the event could be over or drastically different from the original tip.

Newsreps, a start up out of Sweden, attempts to break down the long time enemy of media with it’s revolutionary new platform by connecting news organizations directly to people involved in breaking events allowing for almost immediate news coverage.

Launched in November 2014, the concept of Newsreps is simple. A news company posts a request for video, pictures, text or audio otherwise known as a “News Task” to the Newsrep app which is then pushed to every Newsrep user in the affected area. Companies can offer rewards for any resource that they find acceptable for publishing. Users can then use their phones to capture information based on the task and submit it for the news organization to review.

It’s that easy. Gone are the days of scrambling and dueling to get information first. Companies can now in a sense almost “crowd-source” their stories.

One of the first images submitted with the text: “We are trying to stop the Muslim brotherhood from entering Tripoli, Libya.”

Anders Nilsson, the CEO and Founder of Newsreps, says he got the idea after thinking of a potential app that could enable users to sell their photography to buyers.

“The idea of Newsreps came about when I was thinking of an app that could make money. There were these photo selling apps but all of them involved uploading and then waiting to see if it gets picked up or bought. The payments weren’t that good either.” Nilsson said.

Nilsson, with a background in media and internet platforms, decided there had to be a way to blend the two together to enable reasonable pay-outs to users with good content generation for buyers.

“Most of my interest is in news and knowing that news agencies pay more
than just a couple of bucks for the right content from the right place, Newsreps
was born.”

Newsreps claims to presently have app users in 50 countries and seems to be growing exponentially. They also claim to be getting new companies signed up on a weekly basis and plan to have a geographical spread of tasks by the end of the summer this year.

Anders Nilsson, founder and CEO of Newsreps

Although Newsreps is intended to help companies, Nilsson recognizes the potential threat Newsreps might pose to already employed journalists and assures that the Newsreps platform will not attempt to compete with any actual journalism jobs.

“We aren’t trying to compete with journalists, we are here to compliment them.”

While the platform is still very new and has a few kinks to iron out before becoming a smooth process, the concept is still very much alive and kicking as I have made 70 dollars from just two “News Tasks”. Tasks posted are usually fun and lighthearted but can vary to investigational work into new drugs that have hit the streets or following criminals on the run. While not many tasks are currently being posted, the number can be expected to increase as more and more companies jump on board with the platform.

Even though it is fairly unknown in the media scene, Newsreps is a concept that shows extreme promise. Once the idea takes hold, it will spread like wildfire allowing for a new era in news connecting the common smartphone owner with big time news companies.

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