Ways to Become a Diamond in the Rough

Have you ever wondered: Wow I am just like everybody else? Yeah… me too. Believe it or not, there are ways to set yourself apart from the normal crowd. Each of the things that I am about to tell you will lead you to be an Original.

Reshape Your Thinking

Often times we go through life, not giving certain things any thought because of preexisting opinions we have on them from when we were young. I know that for the longest time I told myself that I hated hot dogs, all because I tried one when I was three years old and disliked it. Well, I tried a hot dog three days ago… and I absolutely loved it. That may seem like it is besides the point, however; the strange thing is that is exactly my point. Although there are far better examples of this, I have just started to reshape my thinking, and it has all stemmed from the course that I am currently taking.

When you start thinking differently even about the little things, it gets you changing your overall day to day life. This will initially get you out of your comfort zone more, but over the long run will introduce you to several amazing opportunities that will have never been welcomed into your life due to these preexisting opinions.

When new thoughts are formed from different viewpoints on certain things, this is how ideas are formed. This is like a domino effect, because when these new ideas are formed, then the person acts on them, evolving them into an original.

This brings me to my next topic:

Taking a Step Back

You hear this all the time: Take a step back and breathe. Well, maybe you should listen because after listening to this advice, my whole mindset has shifted. This is one thing that I am actively trying to do, when I find myself at the peak of a stress-filled 17 hour work day, I take a step back, breathe and relax. This helps an enormous amount.

What it does is it opens your eyes to see what is truly important in the bigger picture. We all have our end goals in life, but if you want to become an original you have to be an original. So take a step back from your crazy little life that you have going on, relax, and just think. Think about how each thing you do, pushes you to become who you are and when you take that step back, analyze and question: is this really the path that is going to make me an original?

Defining Yourself

Lastly, to be an original, you can’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Create. Do. Write. Whatever it may be follow your passion and it will lead you on a road that will be unforgettable. So whatever it may be, try it. Don’t worry about success right away. “Sometimes when things are falling apart, they are really falling into place”. Being discouraged is perfectly normal after failure, however picking yourself up time after time is what sets you apart.

Reflecting on how I am doing this is ineffable, however; this trip to San Francisco has opened my eyes to see what my true passions are. Moving forward I know what classes I should be taking, clubs I believe are fit for me, and most importantly how I want to live my life.