Wealthy Affiliate Scam: Is WA all it’s Cracked Up to Be or Not?

What is Wealthy Affiliate and is it really a scam? Not By a Long Shot — I’ll Explain Exactly Why

You’ve probably heard of Wealthy Affiliate, and if you’ve ever done a Google search for ‘Wealthy Affiliate’ (or ‘Wealthy Affiliate Scam’, etc.) then you’ve probably seen how many reviews there are too.

There are hundreds of reviews of it online — many are positive and some are pretty damning. But what’s the truth? Is Wealthy Affiliate a legitimate community of online marketing training and tools, or a scam?

I want to start with a story…

Wealthy Affiliate started long before I began in Internet marketing — it’s been around since about 2004 and I first started promoting products as an affiliate back in 2008 — but it was one of the first resources I used when I started, and I’ve been a member on-and-off ever since.

I had some success with my first affiliate marketing project after joining WA — I set up a site reviewing a video tutorial program from the Clickbank marketplace that showed you how to build a website. I promoted it with PPC ads, and in the first few months I was making about 5–6 sales with a commission of about $22 per sale and PPC ads costs of about $5 per sale.

That was about $350 a month in profit and I was pretty happy with that at the time! I still remember getting my first commission and how exciting it was.

I learnt how to set up and optimize my Google Adwords campaign from a guide by the founders of Wealthy Affiliate (Kyle and Carson) called ‘Beating Adwords’, and I got the idea for my site and the product to promote from the forums on Wealthy Affiliate.

Looking back, if I had not bought Beating Adwords guide and joined (and read) the Wealthy Affiliate forums, then I would probably not have had that initial success.

Everything was going well for a few months, and I set up some more landing pages and PPC campaigns. I learnt a lot of techniques from Wealthy Affiliate, but also from other places like the Warrior Forum and ebooks that I bought (some were good, others were scams).

The problem came when Google suddenly become hostile to what they described as ‘thin affiliate sites’. My PPC ads just stopped serving, and I had no more visitors to my site, and no more income at all.

It was very sudden. Suddenly all my work was worth nothing — it just immediately stopped working.

I set up new landing pages and ads, and tried other products. Even built an entirely new website, and each time the same thing happened. I could not find any way around it.

And it affected pretty much all the other affiliates who used PPC to promote Clickbank and similar products on Google — that strategy was dead.

This is the point at which I think many of the people who wrote negative reviews just gave up — and decided to blame their tools, and write negative reviews — calling Wealthy Affiliate a ‘scam’.

Because that’s almost what I did.

So annoyed that the method that by that point was making me over $1,000 a month in profit had just disappeared overnight never to return, I just gave up (for a while).

I should say that Google PPC ads were only a small part of the training available on Wealthy Affiliate — there were many other ‘methods’ that seemed to work — but I was too disappointed and just gave up for over a year and cancelled my membership.

About a year later, I started to get interested in SEO and affiliate marketing again and bought a few products (one was the first version of Google Sniper by George Brown in 2009) and decided to give Wealthy Affiliate another chance.

There are a range of affiliate marketing and traffic generation methods that WA includes tutorials on, but the most useful part if the community — especially the advice and detailed success stories in the forums. People are surprisingly helpful there, which I’ve always appreciated.

Some years later now, and I make a good full time income from affiliate marketing — much of it from strategies and methods I learnt at Wealthy Affiliate, and I’m still a member now.

It’s much cheaper to join Wealthy Affiliate now than back then too — although the full membership costs $49 a month, you can set up a free basic account now (not a trial — there is no end date).

**** UPDATE: I found a discount link here — $19 for full membership for the first month ****

What’s Wealthy Affiliate About?

Wealthy Affiliate is not a single ebook or training course for budding internet marketers, it’s a members site that includes these things along with tools (like web hosting, site builder and keyword research tools) that’s built for people looking to learn how to earn money online — either as additional income or as a full time job.

It’s not MLM or a ‘get rick quick’ scheme. There may be some affiliate millionaires on he Wealthy Affiliate forums, but the majority are people who are new to or intermediate at Internet marketing and who are making good second incomes, or working for themselves full time.

There are lots of tutorials, covering everything from site and landing page design, finding profitable niches, getting traffic (with PPC, PPV, SEO, etc. methods) and putting that together to turn a profit.

When I first joined a lot of the content was about PPC on Google and SEO, which is how I make money online.

Since then a lot more has been added, although all the original stuff (with updates) is still there.

One of the best features of Wealthy Affiliate is the weekly tutorial videos that Kyle and Carson do. These really are informative and I’ve learnt a lot from them.

Those with some knowledge of internet marketing will benefit from Wealthy Affiliate as there is so much information in the tutorials and especially the member forum, but it’s really the best place for complete newbies to start as it’s to ‘newbie friendly’ and starts with the basics and builds right up from there.

Does Wealthy Affiliate Work?

It has for me yes, but I think this is a better indicator…

I’ve referred a number of people to wealthy affiliate, and I can see how long they remain members — which is a pretty good indication of what they think of Wealthy Affiliate. If something was a ‘scam’ or just not that good then you’d stop paying $49 a month for it pretty quickly, right?

I would.

Well, the average Wealthy Affiliate member that I have referred remains a member for 7 months, which is a pretty long time to pay $49 a month for something if they were disappointed with it.

And that’s a mean average — I’ve known some people to remain members for years. I’ve been a member for years myself.

Wealthy Affiliate may not be the only resource you use (I’ve bought other guides along my journey with Internet Marketing) but in my opinion it’s the best starting point — and it’s a tool that you will probably find useful enough to keep throughout your internet marketing career, as I’ve done and many other have too.

Here’s a discount link for Wealthy Affiliate if you do join — get $30 off your first month, or just sign up for a free account.

The pros and cons of WA

It’s only fair to go through both the good and bad points of Wealthy Affiliate membership

The Good

- The basic membership is free (and full membership is available for a discount)

- No experience required to start. The beginner level tutorials are designed for people who have no knowledge of making money online at all, and there are a wide range of different ways to earn money online discussed — it’s not all about PPC, SEO, Internet marketing, or any other one ‘method’.

- Additional training uploaded by the community — there’s a huge amount of this on the tutorials section, blogs and in the members forum

- One on one support and advice from Kyle and Carson (founders of Wealthy Affiliate). Soon after joining one of the founders will send you a private message inviting you to ask them for help and advice to progress in your Internet marketing journey. If you join, use it — this advice is very valuable!

- Web hosting for 25 domains and Site Rubix (web based website building software, like Wordpress) for 25 more — included free with membership.

- Unlimited use of the keyword tools

- Not an MLM or get rich quick scheme — a web based community and interactive tutorial series with support for anyone looking to start earning money online.

- Live video training every Friday, with full archive going back years

The Bad

- There is a lot of information in the members area and this can make it overwhelming if you do not follow the bootcamp guide and just start skipping through articles, tutorials, etc.

- There is an active community of over 10,000 members and the home page is a lot like a Facebook feed — so it’s easy to get distracted and spend time procrastinating and not working on your business.

- Wealthy Affiliate offers two kinds of support — from members and from the founders. Support form the other members is available in the forums and you get a response really fast. Support from Kyle and Carson, the founders, is much slower — usually 24 hours (not including weekends) as they have a lot of members asking questions, so when you make use of the latter (which is worth using) it can take a long time to get things done — especially if you ask many small questions separately.

The two main negatives con be mostly overcome with focus — and the final one by being patient — so overall Wealthy Affiliate is pretty good.

One ore potential negative would be that many of the tutorials can seem like they are for total newbies. That’s good if you are a total newbie, but can be a bit annoying if not.

There are, however, many more advanced tutorials and advices in there, you just need to skip ahead to find them.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Really A Scam?

No. Internet marketing may not be for everybody, but if you’re interested in it or looking to earn money online then I think Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start — even if you just join as a free member.

No payment details are needed to set up a free account and you get access to quite a bit of useful basic stuff with it.

You can set up a free Wealthy Affiliate account — or use the hidden discount page for full membership at a lower price.

I could not recommend Wealthy Affiliate highly enough, as it’s where my internet marketing journey started and I’ve learnt a lot from it.

I may not be for everyone, and it will not make you rich on it’s own of course (it’s not a ‘get rich quick scheme’) but I’d strongly encourage you to at least try out a free account with WA, as there’s noting to lose and it could start you on a successful journey too.